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Random thoughts on Matt Belisle

During the game last night, I had some random thoughts on Matt Belisle:

1. He was a fairly well-thought-of prospect in the Braves organization.

2. He’s finally healthy.

3. He’s still young.

4. He’s had some success in the bigs.

5. He’s getting his first real chance to start.

Is it beyond reason to think that the Reds may have just stumbled into a pretty solid #3 starter? Okay, maybe that’s wishful thinking based on two good starts by Belisle (he’s 2-0, with a 1.50 ERA), but is it not possible?

Harang, Arroyo, Belisle, Bailey.

Rinse, repeat.

8 thoughts on “Random thoughts on Matt Belisle

  1. Belisle has enough ability to push Loshe into the 4th starter position. Let’s hope he does it. He’s young and finally healthy. Harang, Arroyo and Belisle in the front of this starting rotation could be awesome.

  2. No, not beyond reason at all. Belisle was a highly regarded prospect with the Braves until his back injury in 2001. His strikeout rate dropped after coming back from injury, so in their minds he was trade fodder.

    Even with missing a full season, he made his ML debut in Cincinnati at age 22. With the right mix of luck, health, and hitting his prime, the could have themselves a very solid #3/4 type starter. The injury risk still remains…he missed some time last year for his back.

    When Bailey is ready, that would make for a VERY nice rotation. And that’s if you get nothing else from AAA (Dumatrait, Livingston), AA (Lecure, Vazquez), or high-A (Wood, Cueto, Fisher.)

  3. Belisle has always had good stuff, but his sporadic control (which may be due to his back problems) have held him back.

    Here’s to hoping for a healthy and successful 2007.

  4. The team needs to develop or acquire a decent left hander to make this an excellent starting staff. Just so we’re clear, Milton is not that guy.

  5. Looking at his seasonal totals, he seems to have a fairly consistent walk rate. Has he gone through bouts of lost control, or what does “sporadic control” mean?

  6. Glenn – you don’t like Dumatrait? Travis Wood (high-A) is a high-ceiling guy.

    I’m giddy over the prospect of having 4 guys who can consistently get guys out. I don’t care which arm they use! 🙂

  7. Is it just me or is it supremely ironic that now that we have decent SP the reds offense has nose-dived? Compared to what passed for SP on the reds in recent history I’d say the SP is now stellar. At least so far.

  8. Greg,
    I’d love to see Dumatrait up with the big club. Unfortunately, someone who’s pulling down 8.5 mil is holding up the spot. I’m with you on having pitchers who consistently get people out, but I think its unrealistic to have a starting staff with no lefty’s in it.
    However, I’m excited about the future of the Reds’ starting 5. Harang, Arroyo, Belisle (?), Bailey (next year) and someone like Dumatrait (possibly next year). If everyone stays healthy, the future looks bright. I can’t remember a time since the Billingham, Gullet, Nolan days where the team has had near this much pitching talent inside the organization.

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