As you probably already know by now, Josh Hamilton got his first start on Tuesday, and he responded by hitting his first homer…which was also his first major league hit.

He then proceeded to draw a walk later in a very, very good at-bat. As DevilsAdvocate said in the game thread:

How does a guy not play baseball for three years, come back and get a golden major-league opportunity handed to him due to the vagaries of rule 5, get into a major-league uniform for the first time, and be this selective at the plate? It’s un-natural.


UPDATE: According to John Fay, Josh Hamilton’s homer was his first since June 29, 2002 for Single-A Bakersfield at San Jose.

6 Responses

  1. Beethoven

    The best part of the home run was the silent treatment he got from his teammates afterwards. Funny stuff. And good to see that kind of chemistry. Things were very loose.

  2. Jay

    It was an awesome thing to see. I’m glad Josh is making the most of this second chance he’s been given.

  3. Y-City Jim

    Did Roy do any coke?

    If Lohse hadn’t thrown that stupid pitch to Tracy!!

  4. Chris

    For some reason, all the “Hobbs” stuff strikes an off note with me. Maybe because I’ve heard it many times before (I had that Griffey SI cover on my wall in high school), or because it slightly cheapens the work that Hamilton’s done to succeed. Or maybe because Hobbs is a general a-hole who pulls a Shoeless Joe (takes a bribe then changes his mind), only to whiff in the climactic AB in Malamud’s original book.

    That said, it’s a pretty good movie. Anyone seen the new director’s cut?