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Game Thread: Reds at Diamondbacks — 2007.04.11

I’m exhausted after last night. I’m exhausted not only because the game ended so late on the east coast, but also because it was an exciting game, with a terrible let-down at the end.

That’s two in a row like that out in Arizona, and I can’t take another tonight. Matt Belisle will try to help salvage one win out of this series. I hope he can do it.

Discuss the game here. Maybe the Reds can jump out on top early and never let up. Maybe.

243 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Diamondbacks — 2007.04.11

  1. No one else warming up in the pen. We’re going to live or die with Stormy Weathers.

  2. Not sure what that was…but Gonzo made a good play to get the lead runner. And made a bad throw to first, but I’ll take what I can get.

  3. He wanted a web gem. Or as the Dbacks announcers say: “Golly gee, that was almost the best play I ever saw. Golly.”

  4. Wow, lucky there. The second strike shoulda been called a ball. It was at the ankles.

  5. Gotta get MLBTV hate following the games on Gameday. But either way glad to see a win tonight.

  6. Have I mentioned that Stormy Weathers kills me?

    Who cares? This one belongs to the Reds!

  7. Salvaged One! Now gotta get the cubbies at home. Should be able to watch a game on WGN!

  8. Mercy, these last three games have been tense for April games. Do you think we take the games too seriously? :mrgreen:

  9. Milton’s probably a better pinch hitter than Moeller (but to be fair, Moeller’s probably a better pitcher) ??:

    Reading these comments at work today. Almost fell out of my chair on this one. Great, great stuff…..unfortunately, it’s probably true.

  10. I agree, preach. That’s funny…

    …and I’ve noticed that, if you scan the game thread the day after the game, you will almost definitely find something hilarious.

  11. Glad to have provided some humor on that one guys…although it is almost true…which isn’t funny!

    Anyhow, I agree with Chad, the game threads are usually MUCH better reading than any AP game write-ups will ever be.

  12. They are great. My computer is not located near my preferred TV, so I rarely can see the comments during the game. It is always fun to look at things in retrospect to see how others saw things. They are the most hysterical part of the blog, that’s for sure. I really appreciate them for the games which are not televised, it gives me a little more info than Marty offers. Thank you all who participate. I’ll break down one of these days and throw in my two cents during a game.

  13. The best part, for me, is to look back at how tense/irritated/hysterical everyone gets at certain parts of the game (myself included). Funny to look at them in the context of the completed game…and see how silly we look sometimes. 🙂

  14. *cough* Weathers *cough*

    You look at the box score and think, cool, Weathers did his job… Not so sure most of the people on the thread were thinking that as the ninth progressed!

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