On this wonderful game


From the Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract:

In American society, our ways of teaching about baseball are better than our ways of teaching about anything else. No matter how it is that your mind works, baseball reaches out to you. If you’re an emotional person, baseball asks for your heart. If you are a thinking man or a thinking woman, baseball wants your opinion. Whether you are left-brain or right-brain, Type A or Type Z, whether your mind is bent toward mathematics or toward history or psychology or geometry, whether you are young or old, baseball has its way of asking for you. If you are a reader, there is always something new to read about baseball, and always something old. If you are a sedentary person, a TV watcher, baseball is on TV; if you always have to be going somewhere, baseball is somewhere you can go. If you are a collector, baseball offers you a hundred things that you can collect. If you have children, baseball is something you can do with children; if you have parents and cannot talk to them, baseball is something you can still talk to them about.

I love this game.


  1. Chad says:

    This one’s for you, Chris. We love the game differently, but that’s what’s beautiful about this game. As James says, there are many different ways to love the game.

    And no, I’m never going to forgive you for not being a gooey, Field of Dreams type fan. :mrgreen:

  2. preach says:

    I like goo. Goo is one of the main reasons I love baseball. I like football, but I can’t get gooey over it. Goo makes it great. Keep up the goo work.

  3. Chris says:

    Above all else, Bill James is one hell of a writer.

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