Game Thread: Reds at Diamondbacks — 2007.04.10


Okay, no coney pictures tonight.

The Reds lost a heartbreaker last night, wasting a fine performance by Bronson Arroyo and permitting the D’backs to come back from a 2-0 deficit. Tonight, Kyle Lohse will take the mound for the Reds, and I’m looking forward to seeing if he can match his last outing. We all know that Kyle Lohse’s performance is one of the big keys — and big question marks — when it comes to whether the Reds can compete this year or not.

For the Diamondbacks, Edgar Gonzalez is the starter. Gonzalez is making his second start, but he hasn’t started very many games in his career with Arizona, a career which spans over five seasons. He pitched against the Nats last week, and he tossed five pretty good innings but, hey, it was Washington.

Reds need to win this one if they want to do any better than splitting this four game series. For what it’s worth, Chris Carpenter went on the DL for the Cards today…this division is there for the taking. The Reds don’t need to fall too far off the pace just yet.

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  1. GregD says:

    I agree with you preach. And Chris, I hope you are right and he does calm down. He’s not even giving the season a few weeks before railing on players. You’d think this was the last month of the season and the Reds had already accumulated 100 losses. Or that they were unanimously picked to be the best team in baseball and are already out of the running.

  2. GregD says:

    BTW – I don’t like the new D-back’s uniforms or colors. I can’t tell which team is which. 🙂 Seriously, what happened to their old colors.

  3. Chris says:

    I can’t complain about getting rid of teal, purple and whatever other Spin Doctors-era colors they were sporting. But the “change colors every 5 years” act is also pretty tired. It’s apparently called “Sedona Red,” btw.

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