Sports Illustrated’s first edition of the Power Rankings is out.  The Reds rank in at 11th, ahead of Boston and behind the D-Backs.

This is clearly too high for the Reds. They’ve started relatively well (their bullpen didn’t give up an earned run until Sunday) and, because there are no prizes for starting well, we’ll give them No. 11. Might be the closest they get to the Top 10 for a while.

Other notables:  The Red Sox are 12th.  There are 3 NL West teams in the top 10.  The Reds rank as the best team thus far in the NL Central.  The Nats are last!

7 Responses

  1. Daedalus

    That’s certainly better than E$PN, who had them ranked at 22 (after winning the series against the Chub$, who were ranked 5 places higher) and FOK$, who ranked them 26.

    I’m satisfied with 11!

  2. Gage

    That’s a ridiculous thing to say though. It’s it’s so “clearly too high”, why don’t you just rank them lower? Just to make some snide comment?

  3. Kerm

    I don’t know if you guys checked out Jon Heyman’s article on SI. He said towards the bottom of page 1 that he predicted the Reds to win the NL central. that feels good.
    Another thing, are Zombrano’s comments legit does he respect the Reds or is he trying to bring down both the Reds and the Brew Crew with him comments? Maybe he is just referencing the fact that Adam Dunn owned him on opening day.

  4. Justin

    I think that it is a good thing for the Reds to be listed that high. They are playing good baseball at the moment and thr rankings should be reflective of how you are playing at the time not how you are projected to play. Projections are done before the season and during the season they are adjusted accordingly. Should be start of Good Series today verses Arizona

  5. Matt B.

    I would prefer the Reds to be lower at this point. It seems as though whenever people start raising expectations for the Reds, they inevitably falter.

  6. Y-City Jim

    Who cares about rankings? It’s the standings that matter. About as useless as the high school and college polls.