The Redlegs hit the road for the first time this year. First stop: Arizona, for tonight’s titanic struggle with the Diamondbacks.

Bronson Arroyo will hope for better luck tonight, and he’ll be facing Arizona starter Doug Davis, who spent the last three years as a reasonably effective starter for Milwaukee.

For what it’s worth, we won with the coney picture in the game thread, then we lost the next game (when I didn’t post it). So I’m posting the coney picture again tonight. Clearly, it’s good luck.

Cheese coney

Go Reds, and discuss the game here.

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  1. hammer1

    Coneys (look like) they rule. Never had one. 🙂

  2. Chad

    You gotta get one, hammer. Best thing on earth.

  3. KevinStewartRose

    Hey this is sort of unrelated to the game…I got for a year yesterday and I can’t get it to run on my powerbook on mac OS. Has anyone else had this problem? I see a windows media player window sort of thing in the webpage and then I get an error message before it starts playing. I’d like to watch the game tonight! Anyone?

  4. Brian

    For the Reds

  5. Brian

    For the DBacks

  6. Gage

    I hope EE can handle the pressure of hitting fourth. He seems like he’s come up in RISP situations every game this year.

  7. RagTag

    I like having EdE in those situations, though. For such a young player, I’m very comfortable with him.

  8. Dave Massey

    can someone fill me in on the top of the 1st? I missed it but saw someone got to third . . .

  9. RagTag

    Wow, no one there tonight, is there? Pretty bad for their Opening Night.

  10. Chad

    Nice play by Conine to start the bottom half, but Drew smoked that ball off Arroyo.

  11. RagTag

    Free out, Phillips walked, Dunn moved him over with a grounder, he stole third, and EdE grounded out to end the inning. I think.

  12. Chad

    High praise for Orlando Hudson from the D’Backs former announcer, Thom Brennaman. I always liked him when he was a Jay, and I know the Reds were rumored to be trying to obtain him at one point, but he has never hit like I thought he might.

  13. RagTag

    Thom’s man-crush on Orlando Hudson hits a snag, as Arroyo strikes Hudson out.

  14. Gage

    Always a good sign to see some good breaking balls from Arroyo

  15. RagTag

    True. Arroyo can throw a breaking pitch, as well as anyone I’ve seen.

  16. Gage

    Conine’s doing his best Rich Aurilia impression so far this season

  17. DevilsAdvocate

    Nice analogy – Conine is hitting with authority to start the year.

  18. Chad

    How ’bout Gonzo!!! Reds lead.

    Too bad Ross is Rotten.

  19. Chad

    True. Can’t argue with Conine’s production, thus far. I’d say he’s doing a Hatteberg impression, as well.

  20. DevilsAdvocate

    Alex Gonzales makes it happen – what’s up with these guys? He and Conine both got panned as Krivsky pick-ups, for their non-offense. Next up, Moeller will hit 6 homers in a week or something.

  21. RagTag

    I know it was just Arroyo batting, but that was a terrible third strike call by the home plate ump.

  22. Chad

    If my kid wore a hot dog costume to a ballgame like that kid, I’d be embarrassed.

  23. DevilsAdvocate

    Sorry KevinStewartRose, I’m not a Mac guy…

  24. Chad

    Daedalus, you’re getting no coneys in DC. Sorry.

  25. Michael

    lol – what parent dresses their kid in a hot dog costume???

  26. DevilsAdvocate

    KevinStewart Rose, try reading this page. It has all the hardware requirements for, including Mac systems, and at the bottom of the page are links for plugins needed – like the windows media plugin.

  27. Chad

    I guess, upon thinking about it, it’s better than dressing your kid in a cheese coney costume.

  28. RagTag

    What page is that, DA? Forgot the link.

  29. RagTag

    Double play. Not good, Dunn. Anyone listening to Marty?

    And why am I always so concerned about what Marty is saying about Dunn. I have a problem.

  30. Michael

    B Phillips is on a roll tonight – 2 walks!

  31. Chad

    Anyone noticed that EdE’s throws have been much better this year?

    Hope I’m not jinxing him, and I know we’ve only seen a few games, but I’m pleased thus far. That was his problem last year.

  32. DevilsAdvocate

    Listening to WLW, but Brantley is calling this inning…so no kvetching.

  33. RagTag

    Good call, Michael. I never imagined I’d see Phillips draw two walks in a game…much less 2 in three innings!

  34. DevilsAdvocate

    Listening to WLW, but Brantley is calling this inning…so no kvetching over Dunn’s doubleplay.

  35. Chad

    How is Brantley on radio, DA? There have been mixed reviews.

  36. Josh

    Just me or did Doug Davis get strike calls for the same exact pitch that Arroyo twice threw for balls to Davis on his last at bat? Low and inside (for a right handed hitter).

  37. DevilsAdvocate

    I mentioned a little about him the other night – Brantley’s play-by-play is…a work in progress. Cough. There are also some basic things he’s not used to yet, like breaking on the half-hour for station identification, or even going to commercial doing a pitching change – Marty’s been patiently interjecting things like, “Can I make a salient point here?” “Yes, certainly.” “We’ll take a break and come back in a moment.” Cut to commercial.

    However, when Brantley is playing color commentator he’s had some really interesting insights, especially into the pitching side. Things like analyzing mechanics, anticipating pitch selection, noticing what the catcher is doing when calling the game…it’s good stuff.

  38. Chad

    Boy, now Thom is fawning over Conine. Although I have to agree that Conine has done very little to disappoint Reds fans thus far.

  39. Chad

    That’s a hilarious exchange between Marty and Jeff re: taking a break. I can just hear Marty there.

  40. RagTag

    Bases loaded for David Ross. I’m not expecting much, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

  41. Chad

    Another hit for Gonzo. Any offense from him is icing on the cake.

  42. Chad

    Ross, you’re playing Johnny Bench’s position. Do what Bench would do here. Drive in a couple!

  43. Chad


    …but great baserunning by Junior!!!

  44. Jay

    how about a RBI from the pitcher? 😀

  45. Josh

    I like Arroyo, but he looks awfully goofy in the double ear flap helmet…

  46. Jay

    oh well, at least the Reds got a run and will begin the next inning with the top of the lineup

  47. DevilsAdvocate

    I note that Doug Davis has pitched 4 innings and thrown 86 pitches. And somehow only given up 2 runs.

  48. DevilsAdvocate

    If KevinStewartRose is still around and still trying to get MLB.TV to work, I just read in the system requirements that Internet Explorer on a Macintosh is not supported at all. Have to use Safari or Firefox. Boy, is that a switch from the usual.

  49. greg

    Haven’t seen Ross, but he sounds awful.

  50. Jay

    Bronson’s really rockin’ and rollin’ tonight

  51. RagTag

    Boy, Arroyo is looking locked in tonight. Guess he likes the warm weather.

  52. Chad

    That is surprising, DA. I never would have imagined.

  53. Jay

    BP is doing a good job at getting on base tonight … now if someone would just DRIVE HIM IN

  54. RagTag

    Dunn hits into another double play. Ugly.

  55. Jay

    dang it, Dunn, that’s the second double play you hit into TONIGHT

  56. Jay

    AH MAN, the no-hitter is gone … still a great effort so far from Bronson

  57. RagTag

    Am I the only one sick of seeing that commercial with the kid from Married with Children?

  58. Chad

    No, you aren’t the only one, RagTag.

  59. Jimmy James

    What’s up, guys and gals? This is my first game thread of the year, and I’m glad to be back.

  60. hammer1

    Is Eric Byrnes the kid, in studio, on ESPN last year covering the playoffs? Looked like he stuck his finger in an electric socket?

  61. Chad

    Hey, welcome back, Jimmy. Where have you been?

    You’re still in the top ten on the Top Commenters list, by the way.

  62. Chad

    That’s him, hammer. He made my wife mad every time they showed him.

  63. hammer1

    I wansn’t mad watching him. Just kind of irritated.

  64. Chad

    I’m listening to the radio broadcast over the computer with the sound turned down on the television. Just wanted to hear Brantley.

    He needs work. I’ve liked him on television, but he needs practice on the radio.

    It’s irritating, though, that the radio feed from is a few seconds behind the television feed. I figured it would be the other way around.

  65. DevilsAdvocate

    Look at the patience from Alex Gonzales. Sure would be nice to see Ross do something at the bottom of the order. The AZ kid in relief is wild…be patient…

  66. Chad

    Finally, he throws a strike after 7 straight balls.

  67. Jimmy James

    Well, Ross hit that ball hard, but right at the LF.

  68. Chad

    I turned down the tv sound just in time…I see that Thom and Chris are talking to Bud Selig.

  69. RagTag

    Bronson popped up the bunt. Disappointing.

  70. CeeKeR

    It’s my first season with, and I must say that I’ve enjoyed it so far. Anyone one know why there’s no option for which TV feed you get though (home or away)? Many of the games are covered by two different FSN stations for instance…

    On topic: Ross finally hit a ball hard, but not much to show for it…

  71. Chad

    I’ve had for…well, this is my third or fourth season. I like it, but I also wish they had both feeds.

    Wish XM radio had both radio feeds, as well.

  72. Jimmy James

    Not a good wayfor Arroyo to start the seventh. Anyone know how many pitches he’s thrown?

  73. hammer1

    [87] The answer is probably much like the answer to most “why” questions…. money. MLB prob has to pay to carry each feed, so why carry two for one game. Just guessing though. I know they carry both radio feeds, but probably that is a nominal fee compared to TV.

  74. CeeKeR

    Arroyo’s at about 92 pitches or so I believe

    Redleg Nation is loading really slowly for me tonight, anyone else having that issue?

  75. Chad

    Santos and Col. Angus warming up. Two on, no outs.

  76. abner

    KevinStewartRose- Sorry I’m so late to the game, but as a rule all of MLB’s multimedia implementations for the mac are 1. poor at best and 2. poorly supported.

    That said, you’ll probably need this to run anything that WMV plays. Flip4Mac It uses quicktime instead of WMP As it is no longer supported on macs by M$, just like internet explorer.

    Good Luck.

  77. CeeKeR

    *sigh* Arroyo deserves better tonight, the offense better wake up soon!

  78. hammer1

    Time to go to work on the AZ pen, before they go to work on ours. 🙂

  79. Chad

    CeeKeR…the problem is actually with the site that hosts our blogrolls. They’re very convenient, but when they go down, the site tries to load them and can’t.

    I’m assured that the problem will be fixed very soon. If it isn’t, I’ll just disable the blogrolls until the problem is resolved.

  80. Jimmy James

    Good call, Hammer. I hope we can get a run this inning to get a win for Arroyo. He deserves it.

  81. Chad

    Looks like it’s fixed. Still having problems loading the site?

  82. DevilsAdvocate

    blogrolls seems to be working okay right now.

    Cool move by Phillips on the basepaths.

  83. RagTag

    I was having problems with IE earlier, but it’s speedy now!

  84. Jimmy James

    Nice hit, Phillips. Come on, Dunn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. DevilsAdvocate

    Let’s see Dunn get into one here. He’s a hot hitter, needs something to extend the hitting streak.

  86. Jimmy James

    Well, that’s just terrible, Dunn.

  87. Chad

    Marty isn’t being overly hard on Dunn, for what it’s worth. For those of you who are interested (I’m looking at you, RagTag).

  88. Jimmy James

    Encarnacion grounds out. This inning just isn’t going very well.

  89. DevilsAdvocate

    Let’s go Griffey, make ’em regret the fielding faux-pas…

  90. CeeKeR

    Couldn’t be a better time for Griffey to go yard eh? *crosses fingers*

  91. Chad

    A single, I mean. Anything else would be fine, too.

  92. Chad

    They’re going to intentionally walk him now, to get to Conine. Probably a good move, but Conine’s swinging well.

  93. Chad

    Brantley completely cannot understand what Marty is trying to say. I’m embarrassed for him.

  94. Gage

    This game is frustrating. I really feel like the Reds should have gotten to Davis more than they did.

  95. Chad

    Say this for Conine: this is a good AB.

  96. Chad

    Yeah, they definitely should have gotten to Davis more than they did. Disappointing.

  97. CeeKeR

    Agreed, last two breaking balls were pretty good that Conine fouled off

  98. Jimmy James

    Wow, he worked a walk. That would be good if Gonzalez weren’t on deck.

  99. DevilsAdvocate

    That was a Hatteberg-esque at-bat from Conine.

  100. Chad

    Yeah, super AB. It’s up to Gonzalez now, though. Not inspiring. Hope he proves me wrong.

  101. Jimmy James

    A walk would be nice. Has Gonzalez ever walked in his career?

  102. DevilsAdvocate

    This is about to be Lyon’s 30th pitch of the inning.

  103. Chad

    Hatteberg-esque is a good description, DA.

  104. RagTag

    Gonzo flies out. No win for Arroyo tonight. Let’s just hope now that the Reds can get a win.

  105. Chad

    Left the bases loaded. This team needs to start scoring.

  106. RagTag

    Not that anyone cares, but I went over 1000 posts tonight! DevilsAdvocate is in my sights.

  107. DevilsAdvocate

    Reds have had a few unlucky turns tonight, with the lineouts and that catch by CrazyManByrnes. Still 2-2 in mid-8th.

  108. Chad

    Okay, Kirk Saarloos and his crazy hair are on the mound. I love watching this guy pitch.

  109. DevilsAdvocate

    I care! Congratulations RagTag.

  110. RagTag

    Hatteberg double-switched in for Conine.

  111. Jimmy James

    Marty loves Brandon Phillips. He wants to have, like, a million of his babies.

  112. DevilsAdvocate

    Phillips is some kind of athletic. Can’t wait to see that highlight after the game, after listening to Brantley’s reaction.

  113. RagTag

    Man, Saarloos is looking sharp so far this season.

  114. RagTag

    Spoke too soon. Saarloos just blew this one.

  115. Chad

    A winnable game is now in jeopardy. Gotta win games like these on the road, if we wanna be a good team.

  116. Jimmy James

    And some crappy hitters are up next inning.

  117. Chad

    Mike Stanton is coming into the game.

  118. CeeKeR

    Agree Chad…can’t have a bad run this early – this was a game that the Reds should win (of course, if I were a D-back fan, I’d be saying the same thing about them)…

  119. Chris

    The Reds broadcast situation reminds me of the 1970s Pirates uniforms – 83 different combinations and you never know which one is going to be in effect on a given night. There’s absolutely no rhyme or reason to it.

    Tonight: Marty and Brantly on radio; Thom and Welsh on TV.

    My wife asked, “Where’s George Grande?” I said, “Don’t ask why. Just count your blessings.”

  120. Chris

    Geez. When did Stanton put on all that weight? He looks like Weathers’ mirror image.

  121. Chad

    Yeah, don’t ask about Grande. Just accept that gift horse.

  122. Chris

    (Just wrested the laptop from my wife, who went to watch 24, so pardon the rapid-fire posts).

    Anyone else think Thom is trying a little too hard to be “opinionated” like his old man? Compared to how he called Cubs games an the Fox national games, Thom is 1000% more opinionated — scratch that – critical.

    Last inning, he was criticizing Dunn for talking to the third base coach between pitches, rather than…well, I’m not sure – planning to score on a passed ball or something. Welsh had to mildly point out that a fastball-slider guy like Lyon wasn’t all that likely to throw one away, anyhow.

    It’s almost like he’s heard Marty get praised for “straight talk” so much that he forgot that the old man is actually a very good announcer. I think Thom will relax a little and tone it down. And I actually hope he rubs off on Welsh and Grande a little.

  123. Jimmy James

    This is the same bullpen we remember from last year.

    Thank goodness for Santos.

  124. Tom

    Yes, Hamilton is on deck. Can’t wait to see him hit.

  125. Chad

    Speaking of Weathers’ mirror image, I’m reminded…I’m pretty sure if we can get Weathers to say his name backwards, he will be sent back to whatever dimension he came from.

  126. Jimmy James

    I have noticed that about Thom, for what it’s worth.

  127. Jimmy James

    Double play. Dangit, Hatteberg.

  128. Chad

    It’s on the shoulders of Hot Wheels Valentin, Pinch Hitter Extraordinaire ™.

  129. Jimmy James

    Base hit by the LLM. Come on, Phillips!

  130. Chad

    Valentin replaced by Juan Castro, Pinch Runner Extraordinaire â„¢.

  131. Chris

    Damn, I thought Phillips got more of that.

    I’m no fan of Valverde’s act, btw.

  132. Chad


    Not a good loss there. Arroyo deserved better, yet again.

  133. Chris

    Reds can’t win west of the Rockies.

  134. Chad

    I’m a fan of Valverde’s gut, though.

  135. abner

    Wow. We’re throwing the kitchen sink at them this inning. Norron’s gotta keep straight who’s gonna cover all the positions in the bottom of the ninth: Hamilton, Castro…

  136. Jimmy James

    Man, I thought that was a homer!

  137. Chad

    Wow, Cain lost that one.

    I hate the West Coast, too, CeeKeR. Even San Diego.

  138. Chad

    Nice start for Cy Young of the Padres there, though.

  139. Jimmy James

    Well, that’s all for me. See you tomorrow, I hope.

  140. abner

    bah! What a waste of late inning runners on base. Maybe they’re jet lagged and not used to the heat.

  141. CeeKeR

    Have a good night all (what’s left of it for us east coasters)… Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day for the Reds!

  142. Chad

    See you tomorrow, CeeKeR and Jimmy. And everyone else. I’m going to bed.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening out there on the left coast, Chris.

  143. RagTag

    Bad result, but I like these late games. I can get the kids to bed and actually pay attention to the game.

    I even like the 10:05 starts, maybe a little better, actually. The whole house is quiet for nearly the entire game.

  144. GregD

    Was I the only one thinking that Narron should have PH for Arroyo after 6 last night? Don’t know that the result would have been any different. I just think he has a slow hook, esp in April.

  145. GregD

    Chris #164 Last inning, he [ThomB) was criticizing Dunn for talking to the third base coach between pitches, rather than…well, I’m not sure – planning to score on a passed ball or something. Welsh had to mildly point out that a fastball-slider guy like Lyon wasn’t all that likely to throw one away, anyhow.

    Chris, I have no idea if ThomB is trying to be like daddy or what. That rant on Dunn talking to the 3rd base coach was completely unnecessary, and coming from someone who has called what, 4 regular season Reds games, it sounded like he was having a bit of a meltdown. Don’t you think if he shouldn’t have been yapping at that particular point between pitches, the coach would have told him to shut his yapper? It’s a LONG season Mr.B. Dial it down a notch. Marty gets a bit of a pass at times because he’s a HOFer and called something in excess of 5000 Reds games.

  146. preach


    I was wondering the same thing. What else would you rather have Dunn do than talk to the COACH? It isn’t like he was over there just chatting with the third baseman or shortstop and wandered too far off the bag. I’m not sure of the details of their conversation, but I saw they both checked on outfield placement. I’m sure they were dealing with pitcher/catcher tendencies. Perhaps Barry (it was Mark Barry over there, wasn’t it?)saw some things during the game that he wanted to pass on to Dunner. Maybe the pitcher was tipping something. I don’t know, but that also means Thom doesn’t know either. You are getting on the runner on third for talking too much to the third base coach? Please.