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Game Thread: Pirates at Reds — 2007.04.08

The Redlegs go for the sweep today at Great American Ballpark. Everyone’s favorite punching bag, Eric Milton, returns to the team to make his first start of the season. He’ll face Pittsburgh’s Zach Duke, who is an impressive young hurler.

If you’re like me, you’ll be spending time with family today, but try to sneak away to comment in the game thread. The Reds are still in the pennant race!

97 thoughts on “Game Thread: Pirates at Reds — 2007.04.08

  1. Ooops the rotation slot numbers didn’t paste right, wanted to show:

    Rot Slot ERA Range
    #3 NL 4.32 – 4.91
    #4 NL 4.92 – 6.00

  2. Why did Junior jog to first? Ridiculous. He obviously thought is was out, but c’mon!

  3. There goes the third catcher – so Hatteberg will be the emergency C for the next three innings.

  4. But for all of July and August, his ERA was above 5.00…and he wasn’t the #5 starter. I’d rather cut him and hope for something better out of Livingston, Santos, Saarools, or something else. They might improve, he’s not going to..and I’m not in favor of accepting a 5 ERA

  5. I too would cut bait with Milton and try one those guys and hope for something good. But I still think you’ll be hard pressed to get much better than a 5.00 ERA from that bunch.

  6. True, but they might improve…Milton is not going to improve and some of these other guys might be with them next year, Milton won’t.

  7. Yep, better chance for improvement, at much better cost. At least we got that to look forward to next season.

  8. That looked just like 2 of those 3 dingers Eldred hit in Indy two years back. He’s a very big strong boy like Dunn.

  9. Chris Welsh: “The more you see (Brandon Phillips) play, the more he reminds you of Pokey Reese.”


    I like Chris, but he actually intended that as a compliment.

  10. We know Baily will be filling one of those spots. Maybe Santos or Saarlos will step up to fill the other.

  11. Something I’ve thought about: has anyone ever seen Edwin Encarnacion say a word on the field? He’s the silent assassin.

  12. He’s been very effective as a starter in the minors…he’s small (thin), but might fill out some.

  13. Marty: “Bret Boone was flat-out the best fielding second baseman I ever saw…until Pokey Reese came along.”

    Say what you will about his bat, but he was one of the very few guys who could legitimately make up for it in the field.

  14. I just think, you know the way these baseball guys think. They’ll see Cueto as a reliever because of his size and that’s where he’ll end up. Forget about his performance as a starter.

    Just a guess.

  15. Intersting blurb on Ramon Geronimo (23 year old) relief pitcher for the Dragons. Last year in the VSL he had 27 saves in 29 appearances and allowed just 3 runs all season, and didn’t allow an earned run until his last appearance. Allowed 2 or fewer hits in 28 of his 29 appearances.

  16. Sorry, DA…Pokey may have been the best defensive 2B I’ve ever seen…but no way in the world did that make up for his terrible bat, in my opinion. He was awful.

    If Phillips equals Pokey in the field, great. If he equals Pokey overall, we’re in trouble.

  17. Another guy that sounds interesting is Juan Francisco (19 year old) 3B…looking forward to seeing him. Not like we’ve got many 3B prospects in the system.

  18. Speaking of Chris Welsh, by the way, he’s struggling today.

    Did you hear him say earlier (when Milton was being taken out) that “If the Reds had put up 8 runs on the scoreboard, this would have been a good start for Milton.”


  19. Ha, that’s a funny from Welsh. The Reds would have a rotation full of All-Stars if they scored ten runs a game.

  20. Two away. Our hopes now rest on Alex Gonzalez.

    The best thing you can say about him as a hitter is…he sure can pick it in the field!

  21. Oh well. Reds win each of the first two series’, and that’s a good thing.

    I’ll be around here later to follow Homer Bailey’s start, if anyone else wants to join in.

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