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I don’t know if you will be able to comment or not, but hopefully everything will be fixed soon so we can discuss Bronson Arroyo and the Reds. Here’s a game thread to do just that.

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14 Responses

  1. DevilsAdvocate

    Working? Just in time for the major-league debut of Jared Burton.

  2. doug

    Lets be honest with eachother…. was it the best chance to give a guy his debut in the 9th inning of a close game?

  3. DevilsAdvocate

    Well, Victor Santos decided to bail him out with his newly-found unhittableness. Still 4-1 Chicago, to the bottom of the ninth.

  4. Chad

    Are we back up? Sorry about that, guys and gals.

    Pretty crappy game, in a lot of ways, huh?

  5. Justin Anderson

    I can count at leat 5 warning track shots that would have been Reds home runs, had it not been for the freezing temps. Cubs had none of the like. But hey, can’t blame it all on the weather… they played pretty piss poor tonight. Couldn’t touch Ted Lilly, sadly.

  6. Justin Anderson

    Hopefully Lohse can find himself tomorrow (and this season) and help us to salvage the opening series. I’d say that the odds are good considering we are going up against our good friend Jason Marquis. Anyone else glad that he didn’t leave the division?!? haha

  7. DevilsAdvocate

    4-1 final. Reds got man-handled by Ted Lilly: the expensive version of 2006-vintage Bronson Arroyo. Not seeing this on tv or in person, the strikeouts were coming fast and furious tonight – big strikezone from an ump who just wanted to get out of the cold? Nuxhall mentioned a brief snow flurry at one point.

  8. Chad

    The Burton kid throws some heat, though, doesn’t he?

  9. Justin Anderson

    Yeah, but it would be nice if the heat would have warmed up the strike zone because Burton was sure as hell having a hard time finding it. Can’t blame him though… if it were my major league debut, I would probably have some nervous jitters as well.

  10. Nathan

    didn’t hear the game but i watched it quietly next to a cubs fan, yuck. . .anyway i’m blaming the cold tonight, arroyo looked pretty good.

  11. Chris

    Very interesting to listen to Thom and Brantley. I suspect they got a memo to the effect of “be as opinionated as possible.” It wasn’t bad – there was a lot of silliness in tonight’s game. I just hope they don’t make a habit of negativity. One of those is enough.

  12. Bill

    You had to feel bad for Burton…he couldn’t have hit the strike zone if it had been a foot bigger on every side. Thanks Lou for sending the runner.

    And Brantley is so awful…worse than awful, but better on tv than radio b/c he doesn’t have to do play by play.

    Enquirer reports this morning that Dunn’s RBI single was a “broken bat single”.

  13. preach

    Hard luck game. Some observations:

    .Bronson had some filthy movement on his pitches. Many times he embarassed the Cub hitters. He deserved a better fate.

    .What kind of play on a squeeze was that? Hey, touch home plate. Catch the ball and throw to third. Something, anything. C’mon.

    .Coffey was in a tough spot. Came in with a couple of runners on and immediately induced a ground ball to the left side of the infield. Unfortunatley it was the seeing eye variety. He did a good job, just bad dumb luck.

    .Stanton has to be wondering what he was brought in for. I’m kinda wondering that myself. Interesting bullpen management.

    .Dunn and Jr look good at the plate. Ross looks lost. No one else seems too confident at this point.

    .Good hustle by Freel to avoid the DP. Of course, bad place to put the ball to begin with.

    .Good to see the bunt hit by Bronson. Hope to see that from more players.

    .Ross certainly would have had a dong if it was 15 degrees warmer. perhaps Co9 and BP as well. But since it wasn’t 15 degrees warmer, how about not trying to hit the seats on every swing?

    .It’s fun to watch Lou manage.

    .Brantley and Thom together are goofy. If I had to listen to the ol’ ‘ceee-ment’ vs. ‘cement’ bit any more, I would’ve have started begging for George Grande….OK, maybe not, but you get the point.

    .The division is still very winnable.

    .Nice velocity by Burton. Now if he can find the strike zone. On a cold night, all he had to do was throw heaters at knee level. Major league debuts are tricky things.

    .I kept getting the feeling that Dempster was going to give it away at any moment. I’m sure Lou has that same feeling.


    Watched the game with Greg Bishop.We were surrounded by Cubs fans.Greg didn’t like that.Greg doesn’t like Cubs fans.Greg got escorted out.