The shortstop situation


Guys and gals, you may not be happy with the Reds’ shortstop situation. You may not think Alex Gonzalez will hit enough to justify having him in the lineup, despite his sterling defensive reputation. You may wish the Reds still had Felipe Lopez. Or Barry Larkin. Or, heck, you may wish Anderson Machado was starting at short for the home team.

When you start having those thoughts, just be thankful that you aren’t a fan of the Seattle Mariners. It appears that a 36-year-old Rey Ordonez is going to make the M’s Opening Day roster.

Ugh. How is this guy still around?


  1. doug says:

    Well, if he can still use that leather he did when he was in NY… that at least explains why he is still around.

  2. preach says:

    When you have a team that for so many years shortstop was the most consistent position manned by Davey Concepcion and then Barry Larkin, you get a little spoiled and critical of all who follow. I like Gonzales and I think he will be fine. I think he will pleasantly suprise us with some offensive numbers this year in addition with some highlight defense.

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