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National League Central Preview

Baseball Analysts is one of my absolute favorite baseball blogs, and they have this nice preview of the National League Central. It’s worth a read, especially their thoughts on the Reds. I share their skepticism regarding the Reds’ offense, but I’m a little more optimistic about how good this team could ultimately be if things break right.

5 thoughts on “National League Central Preview

  1. I found it ironic that the Cards staff could be good if everything breaks alright but the Reds staff stinks.

  2. I found it ironic that the Reds have a stopgap approach to SS when they just invested 17 mil into Alex Gonzalez. Do we need an uber-prospect if he plays league average?

  3. Ah yes another Reds bashing in the predictions. Nobody gives us a chance to do anything, even though we played like crap the last 2 months and barely missed out. If the management has some marbles and cuts loose some “big money” players (ie. Milton), we could be in contention. In no way are we a great team but we can be a decent team that could be there in this division. One last thing I don’t understand is the Brewer love. They have some good players but by no means are the best in the division. I just hope we can surprise some people and hang in there all season.

  4. They are definitely down on the Reds like most people. The Gonzales omission notwithstanding, it’s a much better analysis than what you usually get — “Adam Dunn strikes out too much. Now, on to the Pirates.” OK, let’s play some games!

  5. The biggest day of the year in Cincinnati is two days off. Who cares what they say? Let the games begin for real.

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