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7 thoughts on “Your Opening Day Starter

  1. Harang followed by Arroyo. I think it is amongst the best in baseball as far as 1-2. Harang will not be that bad. He does give up home runs but they are out weighed by K’s and innings pitched, unlike Eric Milton. Harang should be good for 16 wins again. The bullpen last year cost him 4 more wins.

  2. Harang-Arroyo is a competent 1-2. It looks like the best because we’ve had to suffer through #1 starters like Harnisch and Wilson.

  3. Harnisch was very solid in 98 and 99 and wwas a good piece of business from JB the garabage monster in Washington. But neertheless, no pitcher in the National League had more then 16 wins.

  4. I will be there as well, section 410.

    Hopefully Aaron fares better than last year’s opening day start.

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