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9 thoughts on “Hamilton’s throw from yesterday’s game

  1. Pretty amazing gun. I’ll tell you who can’t be happy about all this. Drew Stubbs and Jay Bruce.

  2. wowwww…. wowwww.

    Forgive me, but.. Can he play center? Seems like the likely place for him if/when Freel goes needs a day(s) off.

  3. He is a natural center fielder, I’m pretty sure.

    And to me, he looked out. It looks like the tag was on the runner before the runner’s momentum was stopped by the bag.

  4. He was expected to be in Center with Crawford and Baldelli in Tampa….what an awesome collection Tampa had. 25k for Hamilton. I am dying to know what they would take for Crawford. Ha. How about Milton, it is Tampa afterall.

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