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One Week…and counting

One week until Opening Day. I expect a fun season, for what it is worth. The Reds have flaws, but they have potential, too.

Win or lose, this team is never dull. Guess that is why we have so much fun around here. There is always something to discuss.

8 thoughts on “One Week…and counting

  1. More easy cuts today, according to Rosecrans blog:
    Infielder Mark Bellhorn (who Krivsky said has a couple days to decide if he wants to accept his minor league assignment); catcher Ryan Jorgenson; infielder Anderson Machado; and outfielder Dewayne Wise.

  2. According to the Boston Herald the Reds may have interest in acquiring Joel Piniero whom the Red Sox are shopping.

  3. Yeah, they signed him Piniero in the off-season when they weren’t sure about how their rotation was gonna look.

  4. I was bummed when my Carolina Panthers had an undefeated preseason, only to end up 8-8 and miss the playoffs.

    Being a relatively new fan of baseball… how much does the current spring training success of the Reds reflect how they were perform as a team, long-term in the season?

  5. Justin, Spring Training is primarily about the pitchers getting their arms in condition for the regular season. The hitting and defensive aspects of the game require practiced “reps” and occasionally there are roster decisions made based on March statistics but for the most part all of the Florida sound and the Arizona fury signify conditioning.

    Now, some will say that a team that wins in March is often winning because they are “doing the little things” that winning teams do and, it follows, that a winning team might take their winning attitude north with them to open to regular season. There may be some truth in this theory but nothing lasts forever and “good vibes” may only last until Roy Oswalt comes to town and pitches a three-hit shoutout against ya.

    I am sure that you have heard it said that the baseball season is “a marathon” and some old-timer (Harwell or Lasorda perhaps?) once said that the season doesn’t even truly begin until the kids get out of school and the swimming pools open and the ice cream starts to melt.

    So have a seat fellow Reds fan! Sit back and relax and think about your favorite flavors for a few weeks.

  6. Piniero would be a nice addition but a top salary would have to go to Boston….perhaps Eric Milton and Malcado a mid level prospect to counter the wage difference of Milton

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