I’m a little surprised that this announcement was made today:

The battle for the Reds’ final roster spots has decreased by one contender.

Outfielder Bubba Crosby was sent outright to Triple-A Louisville on Saturday afternoon. Crosby was out of Minor League options and had to clear waivers first. He has 72 hours to accept the assignment and will become a free agent if he declines it.

“We just felt he was behind a couple of other guys for that spot,” Reds general manager Wayne Krivsky said. “At the same time, doing it when we did — he has the choice of maybe hooking on with someone else or reporting.”

I’m surprised because Crosby had been signed to a major league contract, and was out of options. I thought that might give him a slight edge in the competition to make the club.

UPDATE: Some aren’t too pleased with this news, and I tend to agree that Crosby, in the end, was a casualty of Josh Hamilton’s emergence.

5 Responses

  1. Michael

    I’m happy with the move. Good glove, no hit types are fine for utility infielders, a la Juan Castro – they don’t do much for me in the outfield, however. There are too many quality fielding outfielders who are also decent hitters.

    Unlike the Yankees, who are an offensive juggernaut when they had Crosby, the Reds don’t have the luxury of carrying a poor hitting outfielder in the name of defense. The Reds need all of their outfielders to contribute offensively.

  2. brublejr

    I like Bubba (cool name too), but he just isn’t good enough to stick in the majors. He is a little too old to put too much effort into working with him to be a valuable guy. I wish him good luck, but I like the guys we have ahead of him a lot more.

  3. preach

    He also had the misfortune of being a left handed outfielder trying to make this squad.

  4. Glenn

    It was going to be tough for him to make this roster to begin with. When you add Hamilton into the mix, it made it impossible. I’m not sure why his agent would steer Crosby toward the Reds. I wonder if that was his only option.

  5. Justin

    Crosby was brought in before the Rule 5 draft and had to be a long shot to make the squad before the addition of Josh Hamilton. He was banished from the Yanks last term. Hamilton has done wonderfully well to earn a roster stop in spring. Norris Hooper I do not know if he has any options left and the Reds can send Defornia back to Louisville. I woul rate those three ahead of Crosby anyway