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9 thoughts on “Reds interested in Armando Benitez?

  1. Thats exactly what we need more of… bullpen guys! Soon enough we will have Harang and Arroyo followed by 3 straight bullpen days.

  2. Preposterous.

    This reeks of the late-season flurry of panicked activity made last July, adding bodies left and right by which hardly any worked out.

    You have what you have right now and if Hermanson is working out, watch things for the final two weeks of spring, go north and be patient.

    But they really don’t need Benitez (yet) and they need to extract bodies, not add them at this point.

  3. I tipped the guys off on this one and trust me, the Benitez meltdown last year was classic here in the Bay Area. I was at the Reds first game in SF last year. Benitez started warming up. The fans booed. Benitez got called back to the bullpen. Reds lost but it was great.

  4. David’s right, and I meant to note that he had sent me the article. Sorry about that.

    Anyway, it’s not likely to happen, but would anyone be surprised, given Krivsky’s love of flailing about in search of arms?

  5. I’m cautiously optimistic that Hermanson can be back to his dominant self (2005 Hermanson), and if that’s the case, the Reds might not even have a spot for Every Day Eddie when he gets back.

    I would look for the Marlins to try and get him back to close out games for their talented young rotation as well as mentor their bullpen.

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