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Griffey to debut today in RF

According to Ken Rosenthal of FoxSports.com:

When the Reds’ Ken Griffey Jr. makes his Grapefruit League debut, it will be in right field, according to a source with knowledge of his situation. Griffey, recovering from a broken left hand, does not mind shifting from center to right, the source said. However, Griffey was under the impression that the Reds would delay their decision until midway through spring training while attempting to acquire a legitimate center fielder. Instead, he learned at the start of camp that he would be in right.

Either Griffey’s full of it or the Reds and Griffey don’t communicate very well, I have no idea which is true.

Why do teams always seem to be so afraid to go to their star players and tell them what they want them to do?

UPDATE (from Chad): Here’s Fay’s article from the Enquirer.

9 thoughts on “Griffey to debut today in RF

  1. Griffey should go play where they tell him to, and not bitch about it. When he retires from the game, he can go work in the ticket office and work his way up through the scouting ranks to be GM of a team so he can decide who plays CF or not, if he’s so bothered by it.

  2. Jr is a first ballot HOFer. You don’t just tell him to move over like you would anybody else. I’m not sure how it should be done, but there is plenty of precendence for it. Should he move? Yes, of course; and that should be apparent to everybody. Even Jr., unless ego refuses to let him admit it. If he had an agreement with management on the timing, it should have happened that way. If this is just some whining, get over it and learn your new position. If communication is that poor, then we have bigger issues looming than this one, and that gives me bigger concern.

  3. from trent rosecrans:

    Mentioned Ken Rosenthal’s story that said Junior had been told he would move to right. Jerry’s response was: “he has?”

    he’s also not in the lineup today, and i don’t think anyone knows when he will be.

  4. From further down in Rosecrans blog entry:

    Back to the Junior stuff. Here’s what Jerry had to say:
    When asked if there was validity to Rosenthal’s report: “To be honest with you, right now we’re just waiting for Junior to be ready to play and we’ll see what goes on after that.”
    When asked if there’s a point where they consider putting Griffey on the DL to start the season: “There’s a good chance of it, but we’ll see how he goes, see where he is. The one thing he has had going for him is that he’s been able to see live pitching in simulated games. If he wouldn’t have had simulated games, it might be a little different.”

  5. The story doesn’t actually state that Griffey will debut today. It says when he does start playing, he’ll be in RF.

  6. John Fay‘s take:

    Jerry Narron said the hope now is that Ken Griffey Jr. will play some time this week. Narron danced around the right vs. center question. There was a report on foxsports.com on the right-center thing. Griffey’s people have been saying similar things since the Winter Meetings. That Griffey was willing to make the move, but he would be more willing if the Reds obtained an established center fielder.

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