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Arm woes

From John Fay’s Reds notebook this morning:

Despite the shoulder stiffness, Ramirez continues to throw. He increased intensity Thursday.

“I want to throw, but I want it to feel good first,” he said.

Am I the only one that thinks this is a bad idea?

Left-hander Bill Bray has retired all nine hitters he has faced this spring, but he hasn’t pitched since March 8 because of a stiff shoulder. “It’s OK now,” Bray said. “I threw (Thursday) and it’s ready to go.”

Let’s hope that Bray is throwing in a game soon.

The team hasn’t given Eddie Guardado a rehab timetable. “They know I’ll try to get ahead of it,” he said.

Guardado, the Reds’ closer briefly last season, is coming back from “Tommy John” surgery that was performed Aug. 19.

Today is a big day. Guardado will throw off the mound for the first time since his surgery.

“It’s a big deal,” Guardado said. “Being up on that mound puts more pressure on the elbow. We’ll see how it feels. It’s a good test.”

Guardado, a 36-year-old left-hander, hopes to be back pitching by June 22. That’s when the Reds go to Seattle to play his former team.

“It’s been going good,” he said. “I haven’t had any setbacks.”

And this could be great news, if it happens. If nothing else, it would give the team some depth and some possible trade material.

10 thoughts on “Arm woes

  1. How does everyone feel about the bullpen race? There is not many open spots and a million guys in the running. With everyone pitching so well this spring it will be interesting who will be the odd man out. Especially when Eddie comes back. I hate to think that the old guys automatically make the team because they are “veterns”. Keeping both Comier and Stanton to go along with Bray makes no sense. What if Hermanson makes a great showing, then who is the odd man out? Lots of questions with lots of guys in the running.

  2. When I hear about ‘shoulder stiffness’ on our pitching staff, I can’t help but think about the Majic man. Hey, but what are the odds that Dr. Doom Captain K would mess something like that up again?

  3. Apparently “Dr. K” (or Doc Hollywood) has a reputation for his Tommy John patients coming back faster than anyone else’s. Guardado is a little older, but coming back inside 1 year does seem at least feasible.

  4. A lot of the talk this spring revolves around our closer being a fill-in until Guardado comes back. Frankly, I’m not sold on Guardado as much as some other people. His save % (in a small sample size) was pedestrian, and he gave up a hit per inning, while showing he can induce strikeouts even with only an upper 80’s fastball. Methinks he’s a devastating setup man masquerading as a closer. Hermanson may not have top shelf stuff, but I trust his stuff over 6 months more than Eddie (with health issues being a wash), and I trust Eddie as a setup man more than Stanton…….and Bray might pass them both up.

  5. I think “A big city plastic surgeon learns a thing or two about human decency when he’s stranded in a hodunk town” is the best description of Doc Hollywood I’ve ever seen.

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