Hey, have you heard of this Josh Hamilton kid? No, I haven’t either. But evidently, he plays for the Reds.

I only know this because I see there happened to be an article about him in this morning’s Enquirer. Funny that we haven’t seen any other newspaper articles about this guy. I’d like to learn more about him.

Hope the press discovers him soon.

3 Responses

  1. Dave Massey

    Color me cautiously optimistic. Like many of you, I’m sure, I’ve had several friends with drug problems over the years, and while I’m happy to say that some of them have gotten clean and turned their lives around, the majority of them never escaped the hole they dug themselves in. Here’s to hoping Josh can stay on the straight and narrow.

  2. Steve M

    Why the hostility, or at best indifference, to Jash Hamilton?

    I have lived in Tampa since 1995 and have followed the Josh Hamilton saga from the beginning. I’ve also attended 4 spring training games this year, and plan on several more. I’ve personally witnessed about 15 AB’s and dozens of inning of defense.

    And to put it simply, there isn’t a single player on the Reds 40 man roster that has the talent and ability of Josh Hamilton.

    I don’t know if he can stay drug free, and I don’t know if he can avoid injury. But if he does both, the Reds have a VERY, VERY talented baseball player.

    And as Reds fans, we should all be rooting for him as hard as most of y’all root for Chris Denorfia.

  3. Chad

    Not sure what you’re talking about. We’re excited about Josh Hamilton here. What a great story.

    The post above was a bit tongue-in-cheek, poking some fun at the newspaper coverage of Hamilton…in which the papers write the exact same article about Hamilton every three days.