Chris already noted that, over at BP, Nate Silver has broken down and run a PECOTA forecast (annually among the more interesting features of the book, by the way) on Josh Hamilton. I liked this quote:

I’ll say this much: I’d rather have him in camp than Sammy Sosa.


So, what does Adam Dunn think of Hamilton? His praise is typical Dunn: “[T]he best baseball player I ever saw.”

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  1. greg

    To open the season: Griffey on DL, Hamilton starting CF, right?

    Theoretically, if Hamilton plays well enough, Griffey comes off the DL to play RF. Freel can be the utility guy that he’s more suited to be.

  2. preach

    I think that is the scenario, greg. It makes sense to me: Start the youngster in CF, then when Jr ‘heals’ (because I think he’s pretty healthy already) he can play RF. Jr can put the spin on it that he doesn’t want to disrupt the flow of the new guy by making him change position. This way Jr can make the move to right and it appear that it’s out of a desire to help Hamilton. That graceful move will earn him props, and everybody is happy since Hamilton and Griff will both be in the lineups and your HOFer wasn’t made a spectacle in the media circus.

  3. Daedalus

    Interesting, but I’d rather have Jr. start on Opening Day with Freel, just because I think Freel deserves an Opening Day start. Then in game two Hamilton can start in center along side Dunn and Griffey and Freel can come in late or play somewhere in game three.

    You know what’s strange? Depth. With Freel as supersub, we have a lot of it.

  4. preach

    We have depth in the rotation and pen as well as the field. It really is exciting to think about some of the possibilities. Our AAA and AA teams should be pretty well stocked in case we need some emergency help later in the year. Maybe it’s just blind faith spring optimism, but I think we may be the team to beat in the division, with the Brew Crew as the chief rivals.

  5. Dave Massey

    Much as I like your assessment, preach, I gotta think the defending World Series champions might have a thing or two to say about that. I still think our bullpen is mediocre at best, despite the fact that a number of guys are competing for a spot in it. But I also like the Brewers, and if they can stay healthier than in years past, they could definitely be a contender.

  6. Bill

    I’m rooting for Hamilton, but I’m not ready to hand him a starting job based on ST numbers when he’s not ever really played above A ball and hasn’t played much in 4 seasons. I don’t care if he hits 1.000 in ST.

  7. JinAZ

    I’m not sure I’d hand him the exclusive starting job yet either, but I think that his performance and talent do warrant fairly regular playing time in the outfield. Assuming Denorfia isn’t in the mix, I can see Hamilton platooning with Freel in CF this season. There’s a way in which his situation reminds me a bit of Brandon Phillips’ last year–talent is there, but there’s always a question of when the bottom will fall out of his performance (hopefully he’ll be as successful as Phillips was!).

    I just hope the guy can stay sober. Drug addiction can be a life-long disease, even if it’s always in remission. It’s great that he’s clean now and has been for a year and a half. And it sounds like he’s keenly aware of how quickly he could relapse. He’s done a good job of getting support systems in place to help him stay on the straight and narrow. But I do worry about what’ll happen when he’s mired in a deep slump, not getting playing time, etc. Or, what happens when he has some great success and decides to let himself have a few drinks one night? It will always be a concern with him. I just really hope he makes it. -j

  8. Glenn

    I’m with you Bill. I’d love to see Hamilton make this team but I’m not ready to start moving Freel and Griffey around based on his spring training numbers.

  9. DevilsAdvocate

    Speaking of Sosa, he’s been hitting well – not hitting quite as well as Hamilton, but then, no one’s hitting as well as Hamilton – and the Rangers announced today that Sosa’s made their Opening Day roster.