I keep hearing that reliever Dustin Hermanson is throwing well in Florida. If Hermanson could return to something close to the form he displayed a couple of years ago, the Reds will be in fat city, as Marty might say.

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9 Responses

  1. Daedalus

    Yeah, this was one of those shrugged and went on with what I was doing signings, but it could be an interesting development. 😕

  2. Gage

    Certainly the Hermanson thing was low-risk. You just have to hope he can stay healthy. If he does he’ll probably be at least serviceable.

  3. Josh

    An effective Hermanson makes the entire bullpen potentially great. With Coffey, Stanton, and Stormy Weathers available to pitch effective in the 7 and 8th innings it really opens things up for a lot of situational success for guys like Bray. Not only that, it puts less pressure on the rotation to go deeper into the game when they shouldn’t be out there. If Hermanson is back to form, the Reds staff has the potential to be very dangerous.

  4. The Mad Hatter

    Hermanson is the key to an effective bullpen this year. If he can claim the closer’s spot and be effective then as Josh said the entire bullpen actually falls back into the rolls they’re suited for. On another note I’m hoping to see better results from Harang over the next few weeks. Last year on his way to his breakout season he was virtually unhittable in the spring, this year doesn’t seem that way.

  5. preach

    I hope that Dustin is healthy. I’m just a little credulous based upon the fact that while many teams looked at him, NOBODY else wanted to take a chance on him. I hope he is a great find, but I doubt he is the key. If we can get some quality innings out of him, get Bray where I think he should be, and get a healthy Majic and Eddie, we will have an impressive bullpen if our other parts perform as last year. I would be satisfied with hermanson as a decent set-up man. I’d love him to be a closer again, but I’m still doubtful.

  6. Glenn

    With the roster numbers game in mind, if Hermanson makes the team, becomes the closer, and has success, “Every day Eddie” may be looking for another team. I know that’s alot of if’s but Eddie’s got some mileage on him and he’s coming off of a serious injury.

  7. Chris

    Guardado’s not going to be an issue until mid-season. By that point, someone else will either be injured, traded, or ineffective.