Okay, maybe that title above is a bit much, but…

John Fay predicts here that Chris Denorfia will not make the Reds’ Opening Day roster. I think that would be a mistake, but I also think he’s correct.

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  1. Jay

    I’d hate to see that, but when you’ve got Dunn, Junior and Freel all but guaranteed spots (Dunna and Junior for sure). Add to that the spring Josh Hamilton is having, finding a spot for Denorfia will be tough.

    Personally, I think Denorfia has paid his dues and it’s now his time to try to shine in the MLB … but we will see.

  2. Jay

    wait … Bubba Crosby over Denorfia?!?! no way … but I’d rather have Denorfia play everyday in AAA than ride the pine in Cincy.

  3. John

    Well, he can’t run well and doesn’t have much power. He’s a Brady Clark type. Doesn’t explain why he’s losing out to Bubba Crosby of all people, but it at least explains why he’s not set the world on fire.

  4. al

    i’ve always been a deno appologist, but i’m starting to wonder if he’s got it. i don’t think he deserves the spot right now, it’s supposed to be a competition and he’s slugging .200.

    when he got brought up last year he buckled under the pressure of being given the starting role, and only picked it up when everyone’s expectations were low. He killed AAA… after he’d done it a few times.

    I just haven’t seen this kid take an opportunity when it’s given to him, and this spring is another example. he still might make the team since none of the backup candidates is really tearing it up besides hamilton and crosby (who has a long history of sucking), but i see no reason to call foul if they send him out.

  5. Shawn

    I expect Denorfia will start the season at Louisville, but spend most of the year in Cincy.

  6. Bill

    But to echo what Al said, what has he done to earn a spot?

    He’s was horrible last year in the bigs, until September. Was given an opportunity and didn’t grab it.

    He’s been given an opportunity again this spring (his 30 AB leads the team) and again failed to grasp it. (.465 OPS)

    He’s got options and hasn’t done the job…where else should he be but AAA?

  7. Daedalus

    He just doesn’t do it for me. Never have liked him for some reason.

    He’s looked totally clueless at the plate this spring (from the two games that have been on), and that’s the early part of spring, when it’s mostly fastballs and a lot of minor league pitchers. Yeah, it’s a small spring sample size, but honestly, if he were Jerry Gil or Mark Bellhorn or someone like that, people would be all over him for it.

    I’ve never understood why Reds fans like him so much. 😯

  8. The Mad Hatter

    I’m rooting for the guy but his spring combined with the spring of the others he is in competition kinda make the decision. Plus he has options which Hamilton and Crosby don’t have. Not a Bubba fan but he’s having a good spring so far.

  9. preach

    bill makes a great point about the number of AB’s Deno has had. He’s had a good shot to make it. There is a lot of competition and quite frankly, he has simply been mediocre at best. As correctly pointed out, he has options that others do not. AAA is his next stop. I would like to see a trade, but I don’t know what we could package him with that would address any of our needs.

  10. DevilsAdvocate

    The one Reds game I went to last year, was the one that Denorfia won in the last at-bat with a grounder to short that scored two runs. Two out in the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, a high chopper to short, Deno is too fast to allow SS Barmes to lay back on it, so he risked it all on trying to get the short-hop and left it on the ground while the second runner came around to score. It was all so fast that I barely realized what had happened. 3-2 final.

    So that’s part of why I’m favorably inclined towards the guy.

  11. Chris

    I’ve never been impressed with Denorfia, either. I want to be, but in the time I’ve seen him play, he looked as overmatched as Reggie Taylor ever did. Without any exceptional tools, the guy has to really produce to get a shot. Maybe he’ll be Brady Clark, but there are a ton of “could be Brady Clarks” at AAA.

  12. preach

    Reggie Taylor….There’s a name I haven’t thought about in a while. He’s playing with the Lancaster Barnstormers of the Atlantic League now, I believe. They have two or three former big leaguers on the squad. Talk about a highly touted prospect when he was drafted by the Phillies (I think it was Philly). I guess the prognosticators are wrong about as much as they are right.