You know, I see articles like this — discussing Rich Aurilia’s return to the Giants — and I wonder if he would have been more accepted in Cincinnati if he had come on board with the same attitude he displays in that interview.

Looking back on his two seasons with the club, it’s clear that Aurilia did a lot of good things for the Reds. Better than many of us expected. But his first three months in the Queen City were spent complaining, rather than calling himself “a blue-collar” ballplayer and agreeing to play wherever needed, as he’s doing in San Francisco.

Oh well.

UPDATE: If you’re interested, here is Aurilia on Griffey:

Playing with Griff was like playing with a kid. He’s always upbeat, always smiling. Everybody knows that if he had been healthy, he’d be right there with Barry chasing the home run record. Someday I can say that I hit in front of Bonds and I hit in front of Griffey. That’s not too bad.

5 Responses

  1. DevilsAdvocate

    Nice wordplay there in the title…I have to agree with Aurilia’s impact on the Reds. He was done with a capital D when Dan O’Brien inexplicably signed him; he was coming off three straight seasons of precipitous decline after his 2001 career-year hitting in front of 73-homer-hitting Bonds. And in 2004 he hit an anemic .246/.314/.353 between the Mariners & Padres. For him to come to the Reds and play not just well enough to avoid embarrassment, but so well that he was one of the more valuable & consistent hitters in a good lineup…he proved me and a whole lot of other people wrong.

    As an aside, is the site displaying strangely for anyone else today?

  2. Robin Goodfellow

    Regarding the site: I have also experienced some burps and hiccups over the past two(?) days.

  3. greg

    Different contract, different attitude. I’d be happy, too, if I were his age and making as much money as he’s making.

  4. Glenn

    The time he spent with the Reds revitalized Aurilla’s career. Signing the contract that brought him to Cincy was the best that had happened to Aurilla in years. Instead of collecting big bucks from the Giants, he could have just as easily been playing weekend golf somewhere. I don’t know what his attitude is toward Cincy but if I were Aurillia I’d be counting my blessings.