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Johnny Cueto profile

Mark Sheldon has published this pretty good look at Reds pitching prospect Johnny Cueto. Cueto had an outstanding season last year, it’s true. However, he’s a bit short, and given the general inability of major league management to do anything that’s not in the book, I wonder if Cueto is destined for a career as a good relief pitcher in the bigs.

One thought on “Johnny Cueto profile

  1. Nice stuff on Cueto, and he was impressive at Dayton…here’s the part of the article I found most disturbing…
    Former Reds first baseman Todd Benzinger, who caught the final out when Cincinnati won the 1990 World Series at Oakland, has been in Minor League camp this week working with hitters as a guest instructor. Benzinger will be departing this week.
    I’m assuming he’s showing them how not to hit…

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