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Homer Bailey: ouch

Less than successful outing for Homer Bailey today:

Against the Indians, Bailey gave up five earned runs and three hits, including two home runs, in just two-thirds of an inning. The right-hander also issued two walks and hit a batter.

Already in the clubhouse, teammate Josh Hamilton missed the performance. When Hamilton came out of the shower and saw Bailey surrounded by reporters, he curiously asked, “Homer, how’d you do?”

“I put up a nice five spot in the fifth, but thanks for asking!” Bailey responded with a big smile.

“Sun’s coming up tomorrow, boys,” Bailey told the reporters. “Everyone’s going to have their bad ones, right?”

At least the kid seems to have the right perspective. There will be better days. I’m still excited to have Bailey on the verge of the majors.

14 thoughts on “Homer Bailey: ouch

  1. I’m fine with this. It certainly tempers the “get him up here now” sentiment.

  2. Saarloos and Livingston look pretty solid to start. I’m good with this as well. Better days are sure to come. It’s nice having options ready so he doesn’t have to be rushed.

  3. i think this is good in a way too. Hopefully, Homer can pitch at least a couple of months in AAA to better solidify his confidence and smoothen his transition to the majors.

  4. I have to be honest, I’m a bit disappointed. I was really pulling for him to make the opening day cut.
    I just hope he doesn’t let the pressure get to him.

  5. It’s better he have the “learning experience” now than in his first ML game. AAA is the best place for him to start the season.

  6. Homer will be fine, but let’s not forget how young he is. Terry Muncy wasn’t ready for majors until he was in his mid 20s

  7. I think no matter how many bad innings Homer Bailey has this offseason, he is still going to be a great major league pithcer and will not fall on his DUFF

  8. He needs AAA to learn to be a pitcher. He got in trouble and just kept firing fastballs. He has a great fastball, but if they know its coming, its a lot easier to hit. You cant do that, and frankly I am glad he is having difficulties right now. He needs the time in AAA to face more professional type hitters and learn to pitch to those kinds of guys.

  9. I’m wondering if the Reds didn’t tell Bailey to go out and suck it up in spring just to take the edge off.

  10. I’m wondering if the Reds didn’t tell Bailey to go out and suck it up in spring just to take the edge off.

  11. I hope we’re not expecting too much from Homer. Does anyone remember “Mean Gene” Parsley?

  12. I’d still fast track him to the bigs. He also mentioned today that he hopes he has a lot of outings like this in his career, because that would mean he’s going to be around a long time. Folks, this kid is wise beyond his years. You can debate whether or not he’s ready to contribute to the team in a meaningful way all you want, but you’ll regret questioning how the experience will affect his confidence.

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