I meant to link this yesterday, but cvail has an interesting look at the scuttlebutt coming out of Reds spring training.

The post is worth reading if only for the roster math at the bottom.

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  1. preach

    I’m excited. There are more positives heading into this season than what I thought there would be. yes, it’s Spring, and probably most fans are hopeful, but I think there is a little more here than blossoms forming. My biggest questions deal with the bullpen and since we have 442 career saves distributed across our relievers (knowing that’s over a lot of people and a lot of years), maybe we can cobble together some quality saves until Eddie is ready or someone steps to the forefront of our pen to dominate. Our rotation looks solid. We actually have a couple of viable options for the 5th starter spot. Defense looks improved over last season. I’m really curious how Hamilton will handle off speed stuff from front line pitchers (his at bat with Rivera ended in a K, so it will be interesting to see what a large sample size of similarly situated pitchers will bring). But if JR is healthy, Dunn is in shape and working hard, and Hamilton can hit the junk (big IF’s, I know), we should have plenty of power in our lineup. We have some speed. Mix in a couple of .300 hitters (which hopefully Hat and Phillips can be) and we should score some runs. I’m ready for April. Bring on the Cards!

  2. ZACH

    preach, let’s shorten up the comments. Halfway through I had no idea what you were talking about. It was like listening to a Mike Jackson radio broadcast. I don’t mean to be insulting, and I love you for being a reds fan…..

  3. scott

    Leave him alone Zach. You don’t need to be sarcastic like Tony Casper. Go Reds and go T-Biddy

  4. preach

    Sorry about that; was just a little excited. Thanks, Scott. I know I don’t want to offend the moderators…..

  5. Chad

    You haven’t offended the moderators, preach. Quite the opposite, actually. We enjoy having you around. And we don’t care how long your comments are, as long as you keep commenting.