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3 thoughts on “Baseball Prospectus 2007

  1. I’m still unsure on this year’s book. The Reds section seems to be written by a different author than, and is, frankly, a lot less analytical and a lot more “conventional wisdom” than in years past.

  2. Upon first read….”Meh”.

    Of course, I only read the Reds and the Tribe so far. An annual tradition.

    ill slowly dissect the rest over the next couple weeks. Looking forward to everyone’s opinion….

  3. You know, the Hardball Times just announced that they are publishing a pre-season annual for the first time. They took a novel approach of doing the hardcore numbers themselves (specifically, a projection system of their own design that outputs a three-year forecast for every player and notable prospects), but then turning over the writing of each individual team preview to a notable blogger for that team. JinAZ got the call for the Reds’ section.

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