Via Rosencrans, here’s today’s lineup for the titanic spring training struggle against the Twinkies:

Ryan Freel CF
Scott Hatteberg DH
Edwin Encarnacion 3B
Adam Dunn LF
Brandon Phillips 2B
Josh Hamilton RF
Alex Gonzalez SS
Mark Bellhorn 1B
David Ross C

Aaron Harang is pitching against Boof Bonser. The game starts at 1:05. I’m afraid college basketball will have my attention at that time.

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  1. abner

    Sorry for the off topic post. I had to share my excitement somewhere! And dust off my Blogging handle.

    Single game tix went on sale for the Mariners today and I’m proud to say I’ll be rooting on the Reds at SafeCo field Sat, Jun 23, 2007 from the Terrace club seats.

    I’ve never seen the Reds play away from home before. I’ve been living in Portland, OR (approx 3 hours from Seattle) and I’ve been waiting for about 4 years for the interleague schedule to fall my way. I think it was 2002 when they were scheduled to come out, and Cleveland interfered for some in-market interleague games – which I guess is their perogative. I did get to hear Seattle play in Cincy over the local airwaves. That will be cool, too, instead of being tethered to my computer for that series. I think this may also be a game that Nuxie announces, so he can add it to his list of parks he’s broadcast from.

    God I love baseball.
    Go Reds, go Krogering.


  2. Robin Goodfellow

    I hope everything goes your way in the northwest this June but at his age (and condition )I doubt that the old lefthander is interested in hours of air travel that doesn’t ultimately put him in San Diego.

  3. Brian B.

    Going to Reds games on the road is a treat. You can go crazy for them and, for the most part, the home crowd will give you some slack since you know you’re in the minority. On the flip side, when you go crazy for the Reds in Cincinnati, the lady behind you yells at you to sit down.

  4. Robin Goodfellow

    That is so true about Reds’ fans seated around you! They look at you as if you’re a soccer fan if you stand up and cheer on a two-strike count.

    Try this little trick I learned: For the first two or three innings don’t cheer for the Reds. Just cheer (a little bit) for the opposing team. Then when you make your odd conversion to the Reds in the fourth inning everyone in your section will be happy that they’re not in the section with “that guy” and they’ll enjoy the fact that you are now a Reds fan. (Or they’ll just look at you like they’re worried that you skipped your meds… either way you can finally cheer all you want for your team.)

  5. Chad

    Ha. Good call, Brian B.

    And have fun, abner. I’ve seen the Reds on the road in Philadelphia in the late nineties, when both teams were terrible. No one cheered for either team.

  6. preach

    As I’m listening to the game on the radio in the living room my wife enters, looks at the stereo, rolls her eyes, stands between me and the speakers and begins listing things that need to be done around the house; can’t recall any at the moment; and then states she is going to the grocery store. Ten minutes after she leaves the phone rings and she says she got ‘distracted’ on her way to the store and somehow ‘found’ her sister and they are out shopping. I say fine, whatever (in a tone that I know indicates ‘good, just leave me alone’). She calls later and says she spent $150 and still hasn’t made it to the store alright. I state that’s no problem and hopes she had fun (because I did without the distractions). Now she is at Wal-Mart and I am on the computer blogging. She will arrive home with new things which should hopefully ‘distract’ her one more time to the fact I did nothing here, I ordered pizza for the kids so she won’t have to prepare dinner, and I got to listen to the game and it only cost me about $200…..My household is in mid-season form….GO REDS!!!

  7. Chad

    Good story, preach. Sounds like my house. Except my wife doesn’t have a sister.

  8. Brett

    I grew up loving Griffey Jr., but my favorites on the team now are Brandon Phillips and Elizardo Ramirez. Just want to say woohoo because Phillips has got 2 hr’s and Elizardo has pitched 2 scoreless innings! Oh yeah and I’m pulling for Hamilton, so glad he had another good day.