Courtesy of Rosencrans (I have no idea what is up with the team names):

Team Nappy (in white)
Phillips 4
Gonzalez 6
Dunn DH
Conine 3
Hamilton 8
Ross 2
Castro 5
Wise 9
Dickerson 7
Arroyo 1

Gil, Keppinger, Moeller, Hanigan on the bench

Team Bucky (in grey)
Freel 8
Deorfia 7
Encarnacion 5
Hatteberg DH
Valentin 2
Bellhorn 4
Votto 3
Crosby 9
Janish 6
Bailey 1

Machado, Hopper, Jorgenson, Conway on the bench

3 Responses

  1. preach

    The three hits for the winning team were provided by Castro, A-Gon, and Moeller. See, Krivsky is an offensive guru of bombastic proportions…