Prospectus released Kevin Goldstein’s Top 100 today.  The Reds: 

#4 Homer Bailey (behind Alex Gordon, Phillip Hughes, and Delmon Young).

#9 Jay Bruce

#53 Joey Votto

And in a surprise (to me), Drew Stubbs made the “Ten Who Barely Missed the Cut” list.

2 Responses

  1. Mark T

    Gary Roller on Drew Stubbs: “Offensively, they knew they were going to be challenged with him. They felt at Texas, a lot of his success came from the aluminum bat and they felt when he got here and you put the wood bat in his hand, he was going to struggle a little bit and he did.”

    I think there’s alot we mere mortals miss about these guys. Drew Stubbs may turn out to ne a genuine #1 yet.

  2. Chris

    Sure, but what makes you think that way? Frankly, I’ve never heard a good thing about his offense – even when they drafted him, everyone said he would struggle. It’s not like Stubbs is a h.s. kid, or played at Podunk State.