I just wanted to note this article by John Fay, which notes that Dunn (1) arrived to camp early; (2) “looking very fit”; (3) has been working out differently and working better; (4) vowed to improve his defense; and (5) was torn up over his poor 2006 finish.  I’ll probably bookmark this page to refer to when I hear that Dunn is lazy, fat, and doesn’t care.

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  1. Yeah, lay off. He was just lazy, fat and didn’t care LAST year.

  2. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt here. Let’s suppose he’s serious, we’ll all be happy if he improves, even a little. Now about those strikeouts…

  3. Strikeouts! When is the lazy oaf gonna hit a sac fly? 🙂

  4. Let’s see how he does in the mile run this spring. That will tell us how much more in shape he is.

  5. Tom, Dunn had three sac flies last year.

  6. Here is a brief analysis of Dunn’s 2008 option:

  7. Sorry…I must not be posting the link correctly:


  8. I see that Marty re-ran his comments about Dunn again the other night on Sportstalk on WLW…when the first complaint out of his mouth about Dunn is that he doesn’t run out to his position, he loses all credibility with me.

  9. He’s grown quite tiresome.

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