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From C. Trent Rosecrans:

The Reds reliever isn’t ready to go 100 percent yet, still suffering from the inflammation of the right shoulder that bothered him since coming over from the Nationals last season.

Jerry Narron told us Majewski wasn’t cleared and would need a week or so to get ready, then Majewski told us he was OK, he was going to do everything everyone else did, but just do more rehab work after the regular session was done. Then PR director Rob Butcher told us Majewski would do everything but throw from the mound.

Majewski isn’t quite doing everything the other players are doing. As the Reds pitchers took fielding practice (PFP), while the other pitchers threw the ball to home and went to cover first, Majewski didn’t throw home.

Despite today’s news, Majewski was positive about his shoulder and recovery.

Wouldn’t you think that if it were simply “inflamation”, it would be gone after 4-5 months? I’d also have thought that anti-inflamatories and some type of PT would have taken care of it.

I just don’t trust the Reds medical staff enough to believe that this problem is inflamation if it’s still there after 4 months.

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  1. Sounds like there is a shoulder surgery in his near future. Wonder if this is why they have dragging their feet for so darn long in filing that grievance against the Nats. Not that it will amount to much.

  2. I’m not a doctor but what is another week if he has already been shut down for over 5 months? Sounds like there was some sort of miscommunication between Majewski, the medical staff (misdiagnoses?), PR, and the coaching staff.

  3. It now seems the team’s delays in filing the grievance is coming into focus.

    After an offseason of rest and PT, if Majewski is still ailing once they get to spring training and do the routine physicals, the case is embellished.

    Thus, the team probably knew Majewski’s status–they would have to be the biggest idiots in sports to not keep track of an injured player during the offseason–and decided to be patient. Remember, in December, Krivsky talked about still gathering evidence?

    No better evidence than the physical specimen.

  4. It also explains signing every ‘experienced’ (re: old)reliever the team can find since they knew they were going to be without Majic for a while. 6 months is some serious inflammation. Anything inflamed that long should have fallen off by now, shouldn’t it?

  5. Dude, you ain’t married, are you? Inflamed can last a lot longer than six months.

  6. This is one story I can’t really deal with. Anything concerning Majewski just irritates me. Probably because as of last July, everybody who follows baseball (even me) knew that Majewski (1) had been worked remarkably hard by the Nationals; and (2) had complained of shoulder problems. That, and I can’t deal with any story involving the Reds’ medical staff saying, “he’ll be fine in a week to 10 days.”

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