Via this comment from star Redleg Nation commenter preach, I see this very good article from Ken Rosenthal at Fox Sports about the possibility that Ken Griffey, Jr., will move to another position. Decent analysis.

I think it’s inevitable, though I doubt the Reds currently have any player that can handle the position for 150+ games.

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  1. dbm

    What would you all think of dealing Dunn for Curtis Granderson? I think he’s a young Ray Lankford/Mike Cameron type.

  2. dbm

    Granderson’s defensive stats look great by the way. He’d be a natural in CF, for a long time.

  3. Chris

    I love that Rosenthal recognizes that Freel in CF “could endanger not only himself, but also Griffey in right and Adam Dunn in left.” I used to be so scared when he was playing in the middle of the field.

  4. Chris

    I wish there was any sort of option for CF. And no, I don’t consider “Dunn for Aaron Rowand” a solution.

  5. Mr. Redlegs

    I sho like Kenny’s Baldelli suggestion. . . .

  6. preach

    Yeah, I thought about that ‘Freel in CF could be a danger to the other outfielders’ remark as well. Gave me a visual of a pinball bouncing from bumper to bumper. I guess that would kinda make me nervous if I was a corner outfielder trying to run something down near the gap; being plowed by a Freel-torpedo.

  7. al

    i’m with you redlegs, baldelli has me thinking. espn also mentions that the drays should trade him for pitching to get bj upton a spot to play, and their rotation is terrible past kazmir.

    i don’t really know their bullpen, but i would consider a deal that involved any of our pitchers not named bailey, harang, or arroyo.

    i don’t know how highly they value baldelli but what about something like cueto, EZ, and someone like coutlangus. that might be a little much, but a 26 year old center fielder like baldelli would really make the reds a threat, and none of those guys will probably help the reds that much this year.

    anyway, whatever it is, i hope kriv is exploring it.

    and no, we should not trade adam dunn for curtis granderson.

  8. Mr. Redlegs

    Someone like Cueto would likely have to be part of the package (Countlangus is only gonna bring another Countlangus, so he’s not a factor) but my old friend in the D-Rays front office says they need pitchers for the now, not down the road. I don’t see how the Reds are a fit in this manner except Belisle–and he’s not enough either.

    I just don’t see how the D-Rays and Reds are comparable trade partners for Baldelli unless Tampa would be interested in a position player, such as Florida’s own Ryan Freel.

    There’s a lot of teams with a lot more to offer for Baldelli. Man, that guy could answer a lot of the Reds’ batting order and defensive issues.

  9. al

    kyle lohse could be their #2. ramirez and lohse could make up 2/5 of their starting rotation, i think we have enough to offer.

    it might not be what other teams can offer, we can’t control that, but i think we have enough to get something done.

  10. Chris

    There’s no way they trade Baldelli for Kyle Lohse. The DRays are much smarter than they used to be.

  11. Mr. Redlegs

    Many Reds fans have that eBay premise of one man’s trash is another man’s treasure–meaning, in great part, that prospective trading partners are a blithering idiots.

  12. Chris

    I used to love the “Ask the GM” feature at the old Bowden-era RedsFests. They’d give a prize to the fan who proposed the “best” trade. People would suggest reasonable stuff, and Bowden would shoot them down with, “that’s pretty good, but we’d like them to throw in that Rolen kid too, if we were going to give up a guy like Remlinger.”

    The prize would always go to some guy who proposed something like: “Mike Morgan and Jim Crowell for Pedro Martinez, and they throw in that Guererro kid.”

  13. preach

    I can’t think of too many questions I would like to ask Bowden at a “Meet the GM” (GM: Gross Mismanagement?)event that his response wouldn’t be “Someone please call security.”

  14. Mr. Redlegs

    The most tempting question for Bowden is always: “Why are you such a deplorable, lying, backstabbing, sorry, no-account, toothless, little weasil of a no-talent man?”

    But I give Jimbow credit: He’s kept very quiet, very close to the vest, and even low key since the Lerner’s bought the Nats. If he’s looking over his shoulder at Stan Kasten, he should be.

    I think Bowden gets fired in Washington this year and replaced by Chuck LaMar.

  15. al

    i don’t think i have that mentality actually, but thanks for the generalization redlegs, it’s always useful to ignore the content and comment on the poster, doncha think?

    and i didn’t say straight up lohse for baldelli, my point is that the reds have at least a fair amount of decent pitching to deal if they wanted to.

    the drays are going to have to start producing soon, or they’ll get moved. it’s a tough division to live in, but thems the breaks and they need some decent pitchers now or it’ll be last place again, no matter how many good position players they can bring up.

    how would you feel if your 2-5 slots were going to be fought over by these guys: C. Fossum, J. Seo, J. Shields, J. Ryu. they averaged 107 innings at a 5.30 era last year.

    with a guy like cueto they get a reasonably good prospect for the future, and the reds could give them starters who would improve on that.

    if i were the rays i would try to get a homer bailey type for baldelli, and if they can from another team, they should. but failing that, i would try for a deal like that, where i get a good prospect and decent major leaguers.

  16. Mr. Redlegs

    Al, look at it this way: If you were the D-Rays, would you trade Baldelli for a Class A-AA pitcher and handful of retreads, non-effectives and dirty old geezers?


    But if some talent-rich team like the Diamondbacks, Angels or Tigers approached, now they have some parts to talk about.

    The best examples are the raids the Marlins have pulled for players like Beckett — they got good, cheap, major league-ready talent. The Reds have only a couple of players even close to that description.

  17. Chris

    The Devil Rays are LOADED in the minor leagues. They have, by far, the most talent-rich system in baseball.

    They have stud position players in Delmon Young, Reid Brignac, Evan Longoria, plus blue chip pitchers like Jacob McGee, Wade Davis, and Jeff Neimann. All six of these dudes are Top 50 prospects. (The Reds haven’t had six Top 50 prospects in the last 10 years).

    I don’t know what they really need, other than a couple years to mature.

  18. Mr. Redlegs

    Yep, the D-Rays are dealing from profound strength and don’t need the prospects and they certainly ain’t taking cast-offs like Lohse for a Type-A player in Baldelli.

    The Reds’ strength ain’t pitching depth, but it is “decent” by today’s standards.