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4 thoughts on “Hey, look! An Adam Dunn post!

  1. I can’t resist . . .

    Dunn hits 60 dongs.

    He still strikes out one-third of his at at-bats.

    Forty percent of his hits are homers.

    He walks less, but drives in 125.

    What would transpire?

    Critics would say he didn’t drive in enough runs . . . what would he produce if he struck out less? . . . Dunnian becomes a new verb.

    In other words, we’d still be yapping about this stuff.

  2. Dunn could hit 60 homers if he stopped swinging for the fences.
    When he DOES make contact, he drives the ball out of the park, because he’s trying to knock the cover off the ball.
    If he became a contact hitter, he’d see more balls just modestly clearing the fences, instead of going into the upper decks, or out of the park, or over the Ohio River, into Kentucky, or into orbit.
    But a home run is a home run either way. I’d take 60 modest homers and a .270 batting average over 40 monster tape measure home runs and a .225 batting average.
    Dunn has great power, but his brain power needs some enhancing. HE DOESNT NEED TO KILL THE BALL to hit a homer.

  3. I think Dunn gets dealt this spring for a pitching prospect and a defensive minded OF. It’ll be Krivsky’s, “The Trade, Part Two”. Here’s a good article on Dunn trade rumors from back in Oct. on MLB Trade Rumors site:

    Adam Dunn On The Block?
    Is it possible, in this day and age, for a player like Adam Dunn to be undervalued? I think so. As Lonnie Wheeler informs us, it’s “not working” with the big guy. Dunn turns 27 in November. He’ll make $10.5MM in 2007 and has a $13MM club option for ’08.

    So what exactly isn’t working with Dunn? He’s hit 126 home runs over the past three seasons. Only David Ortiz and Albert Pujols have more. Dunn also has a .380 OBP over the last three seasons. Better than Carlos Delgado, David Wright, Mark Teixeira, Miguel Tejada, Carlos Beltran, Aramis Ramirez, or Andruw Jones.

    The problems, of course, are the strikeouts and low batting averages. Sportswriters just can’t take this. You just can’t convince some people that a guy who hits .240 and whiffs 190 times is a premiere player.

    Dunn slipped all the way to .229/.360/.416 after the All-Star break, and that certainly contributed to the Reds’ demise. But I don’t think 250 ABs should erase Dunn’s previous body of work. He’s pretty close to a lock for 40 HRs and a .370 OBP. You better believe that’s worth $10 mil. Baseball Prospectus says Dunn is worth about $53MM for 2007-10.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see some smart team fleece Wayne Krivsky for Dunn. You’ll notice I said smart,which probably rules out the Cubs. That’s a shame – would Bob Howry and Scott Eyre get it done? One could envision the Blue Jays, Red Sox, White Sox, A’s, Rangers, Brewers, or Diamondbacks acquiring Dunn this winter.

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