From ESPN:

Cincinnati relief pitcher Eddie Guardado, recovering from surgery on his throwing arm, agreed to a minor league contract, the Reds said Monday.

The 36-year-old Guardado was invited to the Reds’ major league training camp. Guardado underwent surgery in September to repair a torn ligament and tendon in his left elbow.

He took over the closer role after the Reds acquired him from Seattle in a trade July 6. He was 10-of-12 in save chances, then went on the disabled list Aug. 20.

For the season, he had 13 saves and a 3.89 ERA in 43 games for Seattle and Cincinnati.

If he is added to the major league roster, he would get a $500,000, one-year contract and the chance to make about $1.4 million in bonuses based on active roster time and $1.2 million in performance bonuses. Cincinnati would have a 2008 option that ranges from $3 million to $7 million, depending on how much he pitches this year.

Ok, maybe not 200…but it sure seems like it. I have no idea how many players have been invited to ST, but it reminds me of a “Jim Bowden camp”…throw ’em all out there and whoever has a good couple of weeks makes the team.

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I've been a Reds fan since the late '60's, with my luck of being able to attend plenty of games at Riverfront during the BRM era. I was sitting in the Green Seats in the OF when Pete came home in '84 and was in the Red seats when Glenn Braggs reached over the fence in '90 to beat the Pirates. I have had many favorites from Jim Maloney to Johnny Bench, Barry Larkin, Adam Dunn, and Jay Bruce.

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3 Responses

  1. mike

    I’ve seen two lists

    This one, from a month ago

    RHP Homer Bailey, LHP Michael Gosling, C Ryan Hanigan and IF Paul Janish will be in big-league camp.

    Signed to minor league contracts and invited to camp: C Miguel Perez, OF Dewayne Wise, IF Anderson Machado, RHP Tom Shearn, C Ryan Jorgensen, LHP Jason Kershner, RHP Victor Santos and C Dan Conway

    and the ones on the Reds site include;
    Homer Bailey, Michael Gosling, Eddie Guardado, Jason Kershner, Tom Shearn, Dan Conway, Ryan Hanigan, Ryan Jorgensen,Miguel Perez, Paul Janish, Anderson Machado, Dewayne Wise

    I read this past weekend that Guardado will not be ready until the allstar break at the earliest.

    There aren’t many roster sports open are there?
    5th starter spot
    4th OF spot
    maybe 2 reliever spots
    and the last roster spot


  2. GodlyCynic

    At least Eddie was very good after coming to Cincinnati last year. It never hurts to take a flyer on a proven closer who has had above average success over the last several years. Plus, if by some chance the Reds are in contention but need an extra bullpen arm, Krivsky should be less amped to pull a major trade for middle relief if he knows he has a guy like Eddie in reserve.

  3. Bill

    I don’t have a problem with them signing Guardado in particular, but with the way he’s flooding the camp with mediocre veteran players. Heck, I’d rather give the mediocre younger players already in our system a chance.