The signing of Austin Kearns to a three-year deal with the Nationals, combined with this post by Daedalus, is enough to bring a Reds fan to tears.

RHM notes, however, a potential conflict.

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12 Responses

  1. Mr. Redlegs

    Puh-leez. The guy put together one fully productive year in 5 seasons and was overwrought with injuries, inconsistency and a horrific inability to drive in runs from the 4 and 5 holes when badly needed.

    Granted, he is young and gifted and should not have been traded. But this makes Austin Kearns, who really hasn’t done a lot thus far, to be Rocky Colavito, or the Patron Saint of Reds Fans’ Despair.

  2. al

    where’s harang’s deal?

    THE TRADE is never going to get better, we all just have to face it. It’s always going to suck that kearns got away, i’d love to have him in right this year.

    but we’re going to be better than the nationals, and maybe bill bray can still turn it on a little.

  3. David

    Unless Majewski turns into Mariano frickin Rivera articles like this are going to continue to surface everytime someone mentions Kearns’ name. It’s done. I’m glad that he got some money. Let’s move on and try to go a week without mentioning the trade.

  4. Chris

    I just like Kearns – even setting aside how he left, and who was obtained in return. I’d miss him even if they’d gotten Dontrelle Willis in return, if that makes sense.

  5. Daedalus

    The issue is more than just Kearns’ mediocre numbers. It’s about how at one point in time, Kearns and Dunn were hope for the organization. Sometimes you just get attached to players, especially those you watch rise through the system. I have a photo of Kearns that I took from the rightfield grass at the Dragon’s field. It’s one of my favorite baseball photos.

  6. Michael

    Chris, sounds like both you and Adam Dunn have a man crush on Kearns…lol

    speaking of man crushes, I wonder how Josh Hamilton and Jerry Narron are doing…

  7. Michael

    and add Daedalus to the man crush list…lol

  8. Michael

    oops, sorry Daedalus – shouldn’t have assumed everyone is a guy in here…

  9. Mark T

    I miss Kearns, think that Krivsky panicked, but he wasn’t Jd Drew – he was a guy who struggled, was slump prone and had weight problems. I thought when they traded him away that the had simply found him wanting. Bowden was a likely taker. We may come out on top of this deal yet.

  10. Chris

    Again, I think some people tend to under rate the players they see every day. Kearns ranked #4 among NL rightfielders in hitting (OPS) last year, and is certainly in the top 4 in fielding (maybe Francoeuer ranks higher). Guys like that don’t grown on trees. Even if I agree with Mark’s criticisms, Hawpe and Drew were really the only guys who outperformed Kearns last year.