Trent Rosecrans posts BA’s 11th-30th prospects in the Reds system:

11. OF Cody Strait
12. RHP Sam LeCure
13. RHP Josh Ravin
14. RHP James Avery
15. OF Chris Dickerson
16. LHP Phil Dumatrait
17. LHP Tyler Pelland
18. RHP Daryl Thompson
19. LHP Camilo Vazquez
20. RHP David Shafer (who was traded to the A’s)
21. C Miguel Perez
22. LHP Jon Coutlangus
23. RHP Jordan Smith
24. OF Justin Reed
25. RHP Brad Salmon
26. 3B Juan Francisco
27. OF Norris Hopper
28. RHP Rafael Gonzalez
29. OF B.J. Szymanski
30. OF Josh Hamilton

2 Responses

  1. al

    i’m interested to see salmon in ST, since Kriv announced early that he’d have a good shot at making the team. He’s a little old, and not very highly ranked by BA, but his numbers are good.

    The last 3 years in AA hes had a 3.62 ERA, 1.37 WHIP, with .33 HR/9. The last 2 years in AAA he’s gone 2.55/1.11/.61, with a healthy amount of k’s at both levels.

    I doubt he’ll ever be a relief ace, but if someone could cheaply give us a 3.50 ERA for a few years, i’d take it.

  2. Bill

    I agree about Salmon, you have to wonder why he didn’t get a shot last year, rather than the “Reliever of the Week” that Krivsky seemed to constantly bring in.