Baseball America has posted the Reds top ten prospects list for this season. The top spots are all just as you were probably expecting.


1. Homer Bailey, rhp
2. Jay Bruce, of
3. Joey Votto, 1b
4. Johnny Cueto, rhp
5. Drew Stubbs, of
6. Travis Woods, lhp
7. Sean Watson, rhp
8. Milton Loo, ss
9. Paul Janish, ss
10. Chris Valaika, ss

Probably the thing that surprised me the most about the list was Milton Loo at number eight as the SS. It could be me, but I always thought he was listed as a 3B in the past. Sure enough, in the 11 games he started last season in the Rookie GCL, 2 were at SS and the other 9 were as the DH. I also found it very interesting that he was projected as the Reds SS in the 2010 major league lineup, especially after just 43 ABs last season. He’s a prospect I will be keeping a close eye on this coming summer.

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Tom Diesman is a Cincinnati area native and grew up in Northern Kentucky and Clermont County. He currently resides in central Indiana. Tom makes his living doing UNIX System and Storage Administration. He fell in love with baseball and the Cincinnati Reds during the Big Red Machine era, and Johnny Bench is his all-time favorite Reds player. Tom is still an avid follower of the Reds, and longs for the organization to bring winning baseball back to Cincinnati.

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9 Responses

  1. Bill

    I read somewhere that Loo came to the Reds with an injury (shoulder?) from the Jr. College WS….and that’s why he was limited. The same article said he was hitting ropes all over the place though. If healthy, I’d imagine he’s the Dragons SS.
    I’m surprised to see Sean Watson this high, he was horrible last year in limited time at Dayton.

  2. al

    i’m going to be following stubbs mighty closely this summer. it’s too early to say much, but his high ranking here means someone still thinks he’s going to hit.

  3. Chris

    I don’t know. I think it’s pretty much a given that the #1 pick will stay on the BA top 10 list (and everyone else’s for that matter) for at least a couple years.

  4. doug

    Milton Loo will probably start in Dayton at SS and Valaika probably jumps to Sarasota to play SS. The question is, where does that leave Adam Rosales? He was injured for the most of all of last season. Does he switch positions? He had limited range at SS as it was, so its not out of the question to maybe see him move to second base. Should be interesting to see where guys are and where they are playing in a few months.

  5. Sultan of Swaff

    I don’t know, but I’ve got an ishy feeling about Cueto. The name Bobby Basham comes to mind. I pray I’m wrong. I think Janish will contribute to a major league team before it’s all said and done–utility infielder, no more.

  6. Peter

    Whatever happened to Jose Ronda, and Richie Gardner? In the last issue i bought of BA, which was bay in ’06 it had Gardner as the #1 pitcher, Bruce #1 Hitter and Ronda #9 overall hitter.

  7. Tom

    Richie Gardner is currently in the starting rotation for the Red’s high A Sarasota Reds team in the Florida State Leage. He has pitched very little the last two seasons due to a shoulder injury and is hoping to complete his comeback this summer.

    Jose Ronda was selected by the Florida Marlins in the AAA Rule V draft in Dec. of 2005. They placed him on the restricted list in July of 2006, and released him last month. He hasn’t played since he was last with the Reds in Billings in 2005.

  8. Peter

    Who will be the surprise Minor Leaguer to hit the majors next year?