Read here that the Reds scouted Shannon Stewart at a private workout in Miami. I’m glad to see that we are still keeping a lookout for some offensive help. Stewart, if healthy, could provide some offense, but if I remember correctly, he is lacking defensively, so I’m surprised a bit by the Reds interest in him.

I read somewhere (I think over on the RedsZone forums) that Marty Brennaman stated in a radio interview that Wayne Krivsky has had phone conversations with representatives for both Steve Trachsel and Dustin Hermanson. So it seems the Reds are still on the hunt for arms as well. Traschel could provide some steady innings and Hermanson, if healthy, could be a closer candidate.

I also picked up, from I believe the Cythiana caravan stop audio, that slick fielding catcher Miguel Perez will not be ready for the start of the season after undergoing a rib surgery of some sorts. I’m sure the Lookouts will miss his stick the first half of the season. 🙂

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  1. preach

    If healthy (yeah, BIG ‘if’), an outfield of Griffey, Dunn, and Stewart would definately lead to some high scoring games. Milton (a fly ball pitcher)would have his ERA touching 7. A guy like Saarloos who throws a lot of grounders might have some success due to run support and the Phillips/Gonzales middle infield.

  2. Chris

    From everything I keep hearing, I really, really doubt that Stewart will be able to play the field.

    I do like the fact that they got Saarloos (a super-extreme groundball pitcher) after acquiring a defensive specialist SS. It at least gives the appearance of a coordinated plan.

  3. preach

    Got this over at Rosecrans. Anyone else hear it?

    Anybody else hear the Buster Olney report that the Reds and Phillies are discussing a deal that would send Encarnacion, Bray, and a prospect to the Phillies for Rowand and Lieber??

  4. GodlyCynic

    I’m speechless. How would the Reds even be the team that needs to throw in a propsect in that deal? Seems like Encarnacion/Bray is easily worth far more than Rowand/Lieber.

  5. Doug

    I would hope that Buster Olney is blowing smoke. If we pull off that trade I will never trust Krivsky ever again.

  6. Shawn

    I read Olney’s news-and-notes column every day, and I have not seen that. Has anyone really seen it?

  7. GodlyCynic

    Maybe it was something that Olney heard just moments before going on air but realized later that he didn’t have enough to write about.