Change of pace for you Bengal fans:

What did you think of Carson Palmer’s comments, and the continuing legal troubles facing various Bengals? Is anyone else getting as tired of this as Palmer seems to be?

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8 Responses

  1. preach

    I am glad he is speaking out about this topic. You can’t tell me that all the off field distractions, especially near the end of the season, didn’t cost this team a playoff spot. It also shows that there is a serious lack of dedication and very little appreciation of the gifts and talents God has given these young men. Yes, I know ‘young men’ make mistakes (I made TONS of them), but I wasn’t a professional athlete with people around me who are supposed to be looking out for me and my team. It is very disappointing. Carson, Willie and the others who are speaking out are doing some damage control for fans like me; because right now I need to know that someone in that locker room really cares. If they don’t care I really have no reason to.

  2. Jay

    I’m glad he spoke out, but it should’ve been done four or five arrests ago.

  3. Jay

    BTW, nice article on Saarloos … I remember him when he played for the Lexington Legends when he was an Astro farmhand. If I’m not mistaken, he was the first (at least one of the first) Lex. Legends to make to the bigs.

  4. David

    I may be one of the few who believes this, but Marvin Lewis should pack his bags. Since being the head coach the Bengals are just 35-29 and the defense has never finished better than 19th going 28th, 19th, 28th and 30th in total yards. The offense for all its promise has finished in the top 10 just twice finishing 13th, 18th, 6th and 8th. What’s bad is fans are so used to the Bengals of the 90s that these numbers sound halfway decent when in fact, they are just plan bad given the talent already on the team.

    Next we have drafts that have produced thug after thug in an attempt to win on the cheap with Thurman, Henry, Rucker, Nicholson, and Brooks all having reps for being misfits. While, you can’t blame Lewis solely for these decisions as Brown still is the one who pulls the trigger, he has to bear some responsibility.

    Once these guys are on the team you better discipline them, which hasn’t happened. It’s sad when the players are begging the coach to be a coach. Lewis plays favorites with the offensive guys, like Chad, when he should be making an example out of them. The only discipline taken was against Henry for one game and Deltha for one when it is questionable whether or not he was even healthy enough to play. So out of 13 arrests from 9 players there have been a total of 2 games missed. Wow!!!

    So am I happy that Carson said what he said? No. He shouldn’t have to say it. That should be Lewis’ job.

    This is a bit off topic but regarding the Bengals. 33 million for Geathers? Really? The guy isn’t even an every down end. The Bengals saw a 10.5 sack season and freaked out because it hasn’t happened for us in about 17 years. Crazy. Simply crazy. So instead of locking up Steiny, they go with a third down rush end. Nice.

  5. Chris

    That’s hilarious. They’re “just 35-29” since Lewis came aboard. They hadn’t won 35 games in the previous 7 seasons put together. I’m not doing the research, but I bet you good money that 35 wins ranks in the top 8 in the NFL over the past 4 years. The guy ain’t perfect, but he’s a bajillion times better than the last 15 years.

  6. David

    I take cash, check, or credit card. In the past four years 7 AFC teams alone have posted better win loss records than the Bengals. They are NE, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Indy, San Diego, KC, and Denver. Four other NFC teams – Philly, Carolina, Seattle, and Chicago – have better records.

    During the same time St. Louis, Dallas, and Jacksonville are 34-30, just one game back. St. Louis just fired Mike Martz for a 34-30 record, and Bill Parcells “retired” (though most assume he was pushed out).

    Meanwhile, Green Bay and Minnesota have records of 32-32 and both fired their coaches last season. And Atlanta not far off the pace at 31-33 fired Mora as well.

    11 teams – a third of the NFL – have had better records than the Bengals since Marvin came aboard. 6 other teams – are all within 4 wins of the Bengals and 5 of the 6 have fired their head coaches.

    The undying Lewis love has to stop. He’s a coach not the annointed “Black Jesus” that some call him. The only reason you assumed that 35 wins was close to the top was because the Bengals have been on the bottom for so long.

    The truth of the matter is that the team has an average record at best over the last four years. When you combine that with our miserable defensive rankings, lack of discipline, and poor draft strategy, it is time for Lewis to go.

    An unconfirmed rumor on the worst rumor page in the NFL, has Lewis and Dallas starting to tango. I would love a compensatory pick that would come with Lewis heading to Dallas.

  7. Tom

    I don’t see Lewis or any other coach doing much with the Bengals as long as Mike Brown is in the ‘cat-bird’ seat. And he and the Brown family are going nowhere because they’ve made multi-millions off the franchise. It’s a non-winning money machine.