These new batting practice jerseys are all ugly, but I think the Reds came up with the fugliest.

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  1. Jay

    Agreed … they looks similiar to some of the new football jersey styles. I like the style in football, not too crazy about it in baseball.

    I find it out that the Brewers’ jersey could pass for a Padres’ one. In fact, at first glace, I thought that Milwaukee’s was San Diego’s until I enlarged the graphic.

    The more I look at them, they look like soccer jerseys.

    There some decent ones, but for the most part, they are fugly. The Reds’ one would be much better without the gray part. Either make it all black stripe or that part white. Or better yet, just left the jersey all red.

  2. Boston Redleg

    I don’t know. I have to disagree. I’m actually not that offended at most of them, and although the Red’s isn’t the greatest practice jersey in the world, it’s light years ahead of the Pirates’

  3. Jay

    yeah the Pirates’ is bad, so is the DRays’

  4. David

    Wow… Did just turn into a spin off of Project Runway?

  5. GodlyCynic

    I hope so. I hear Tim Gunn throws an 83 mph 12-6 curveball that will make your knees buckle.

  6. Brian B

    I like these better than the all-red Sunday jerseys.

  7. Chris

    I didn’t like those either, but these seem to combine the all-red with goofy gray sweat-stain patches, plus the ever-present black (which I thought was being discontinued).