I forgot to link this last week, but John Sickels has a very interesting “Crystal Ball” on everyone’s favorite third baseman (well, everyone except Jerry Narron), Edwin Encarnacion. It’s a prediction of what EdE’s career will turn out to be, and it’s always a fun feature over at Sickels’ blog.

Go check it out. Do you think Sickels is too pessimistic?

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  1. al

    if EdE’s career plays out like that (assuming his defense improves as it naturally should), i think reds fans would be pretty happy. 365 HRS, 1300 RBI, 3-4 time all-star. He wouldn’t be a HOFer, but that’s a solid career.

    But it might be a little pessimistic too. EdE’s 2nd and 3rd comps at baseball reference are jim thome and chipper jones.