Minor League Baseball has a nice article on a former Reds prospect who threw the first post season no-hitter in the Pioneer League throwing for Billings. The following is a quick excerpt. Read the article and see if you recognize some of his teammates who turned in fine defensive work to help his cause:

Peter “Big Foot” Grimm made Pioneer League headlines on Sept. 1, 1983, when he threw the first postseason no-hitter in the illustrious circuit’s history. Grimm, a big right-hander, was one walk shy of a perfect game as he pitched Billings past Calgary, 5-0, in the opening game of the Championship Series at Cobb Field.

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  1. Kurt Stillwell: Marge Schott’s favorite. She wanted to keep Stillwell over Barry Larkin because she thought Stillwell was cute. Luckily she didn’t get her way!

  2. Kurt Stillwell anecdote:
    Barry Larkin started his career as uniform #15; he wore it for his first two part-time years while he split time with fellow prospect Stillwell, #11. When Stillwell was traded away, he bequeathed the number (and a #11 necklace?) to Larkin, who wore it to honor the guy he beat out for the job.

    And how about that Lenny Harris picking it at third to support this no-hit effort – I forgot he ever even had a position in the field!

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