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Return of the Hit King?

Pete Rose is ever the optimist:

Pete Rose thinks that he might finally have his foot in Major League Baseball’s door.

“Hopefully this will be a great exhibit and a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot of people will come see it,” Rose said during a Tuesday teleconference. “I think that would probably give baseball another reason to reinstate me, because, you know, I made some mistakes, and I was wrong, but a lot of people feel I’ve paid for those mistakes.

“I’ve been suspended 17 years already, and it’s getting late.”

In March, the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame will open an exhibit dedicated to Rose, baseball’s hits king who spent 19 of his 24 professional baseball seasons with the Reds. Rose and his supporters hope it will be the first step in his return to baseball, from which he accepted a lifetime ban in 1989 for gambling.

Rose has fought to return to baseball despite mixed feelings from fans throughout the country. His ultimate goal, he said, is to enter baseball’s Hall of Fame and once again manage in the big leagues, as he did for the Reds from 1984-89.

“They’ll give them chances to do drugs, they’ll give them chances if they beat their wives and they’ll give them chances if they drink excessively,” Rose said. “So, why wouldn’t they give a guy a chance who had a gambling situation many, many years ago?”

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Return of the Hit King?

  1. I think is point about drugs is dead on. I think Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire hurt the game of baseball a heck of a lot more than Pete Rose did, especially since they’ve never accused Pete of throwing a game or trying to affect a game’s outcome because of his gambling. If guys from the “juiced” era are allowed to continue to be a part of baseball, I think Rose has paid his debt.

  2. Pete was probably referring to drugs in the Steve Howe type of abuse way.

    I say they make him wait 20 years.

  3. I think the sooner the city of Cincinnati completely and totally washes their collective hands of this scumbag, the better off for the Reds’ franchise.

    Yeah, he was an integral part of the only true great professional team in Cincy history, but he’s failed in every other aspect of life. Thanks for hustling, but it’s time to move on.

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