In a couple of weeks, 2006 will be in the history books and we will be nearing the beginning of GM Wayne Krivsky’s second year at the helm of the Cincinnati franchise. More importantly, perhaps, it is year two under owner Bob Castellini.

The roster will likely change, maybe significantly, before Opening Day, but this seems like a good time to look ahead at next season. So give us your predictions, about anything relating to the Reds in 2007. Where will the team finish? Who will shine for the team? How long before Homer Bailey gets traded for Todd Jones?

What’s on your mind as the Reds roll into 2007? Let’s hear it….

7 Responses

  1. doug

    The Reds will not make any large signing, name or cash wise. They will work a trade out to get something back in return. The team will finish in 4th or 5th. They just dont have it this year. Unless Edwin goes nuts and hits 30 bombs with 100+ RBI and we keep Dunn and he rebounds a little from last season, our offense wont be able to help us enough next year. Homer Bailey is up by Late May/Early June and keeps a solid low 4 ERA, but is a little inconcistant. Josh Hamilton is a Red, regardless of whether or not he makes the team out of ST. The Reds will trade to keep him if he doesnt stick to the 25 man.

  2. DevilsAdvocate

    Griffey will be a regular at some position other than centerfield, and will receive a standing ovation the first time he trots out there.

  3. Y-City Jim

    The team’s pitching will be the surprise of the NL under new pitching coach Dick Pole. Defensively the team will be more solid except for the obvious holes in LF and 3B, though EE will improve. The offense will struggle initially but become more consistent as the season wears on. The Reds will challenge for the NL Central and Wild Card but lose the division to the high-powered Cards.

    Might as well be optimistic!

    Disclaimer: If the Reds fall on their face, Krivsky is toast.

  4. Sean JP

    My prediction is it’s still too early to be making predictions because this roster isn’t close to being finished.

  5. justin

    I predict that every time Milton gives up a three-run bomb, I’ll yell “freeeeaaaking DICK POLE” at the tele.

  6. Tom Greaves

    1. Adam Dunn will be traded in a record-setting ten-team deal that will yield the Reds ten left-handed relievers, all over the age of 35, and Royce Clayton.

    2. Ken Griffey Jr.’s hamstring will literally explode on Opening Day, tragically killing seven fans in the crowd.

    3. Ken will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, but will insist on playing centerfield.

    4. Jerry Narron will grant this request.

    5. During the first homestand against the Cubs, the city of Chicago will offically annex the Great American Ballpark and rename it “Wrigley South”.

    6. New pitching coach Dick Pole will make adolescent boys all over the Greater Cincinnati area snicker whenever his name is mentioned.

    7. (Here I was going to make a joke about Josh Hamilton finding a soulmate in Bengals WR Chris Henry, but I decided that was too mean.)

  7. David

    I’d imagine the Reds fall off a bit and win somewhere in the neighborhood of 72 games.

    It doesn’t look like the Reds will add much else this winter except for a right handed bat. I would still love that to be Shea Hillenbrand.

    I’m concerned with our outfield. Defensively it is awful and offensively we are lacking quality depth. Denorfia doesn’t do it for me and the Marlins have been after him. I imagine we make a trade there.

    This is just a pipe dream but there are a lot of reports going around that Alex Rios is on the trading block – Buster Olney is one source. The guy had a coming out party last year and fell off a little bit with a leg injury. The Jays are looking for pitching though so unless the Reds deal Bailey – HA! – I don’t see Rios coming to the Reds. It would be great though.