Not surprisingly, Scott Schoeneweis declined arbitration.

I’m not too bothered by that; he was very good as a Red, but I’m afraid we can probably chalk that up to small sample size. I wouldn’t have minded having him back in the pen for 2007, but the draft pick that the Reds will receive when Schoeneweis signs elsewhere will ease any withdrawal pains.

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  1. Y-City Jim

    He knows with the inflated market that he will be able to get megabucks.

  2. Sean JP

    Cubs sign Marquis. They have spent $272 million in the offseason. The Reds? Chad Moeller, Mike Stanton, Bubba Crosby and David Weathers.

    The haves and the haves not.

  3. Tom

    After spending 272 million will this mean the first Cubs WS win in 99 years? Doubtful!

  4. Y-City Jim

    Why baseball must have a salary cap it there is ever gong to be parity.

  5. David

    Sean JP,

    While it takes money to make money, the Reds don’t have the cash to pull off the deals Chicago has made. Even still, as a small market franchise you can’t worry about the acquisitions of other clubs in your division. It is better to just play it smart and get the pieces that fit into your model.

    You also forgot to include Alex Gonzalez and Josh Hamilton in your off season acquisitions.

    PS Word on the street from a variety of “sources” is that the Reds have offered Jeff Cirillo a deal in the 1 million dollar range as a utility infielder.

  6. Chris

    Jeff Cirillo is more along the Moeller/Crosby lines. Another fading, no-power guy who’s lost the range to play a real utility role. More from the Krivsky playbook.

    And mark it down tonight: The Cubs, for all the sound and fury of November and December, aren’t going to win anything. The guys they acquired, other than Aramis, are all going to be C- (Marquis) to B)+ (Soriano) players – yet are getting paid A/A+ money.

  7. Dan

    Marquis is a right-handed Milton. Maybe worse (HR-wise). BE GLAD the Cubs made this signing!

  8. GodlyCynic

    Just a brief aside, but I found this in a Peter Gammons article today, part of which detailed the parts the Red Sox still need to acquire:

    “2. Closer. The Red Sox would not guarantee Eric Gagne 60 percent of his $10 million 2006 salary because of the fear that there’s as much chance that he’s Rob Dibble as he is Trevor Hoffman.”

    Maybe Eric Gagne will become the new poster child for large, overthrowing pitchers tearing their arms into a million useless pieces and Rob Dibble’s place in history will only be remembered by Reds fans.

  9. Jay

    You know, the Cubs have made some good decisions on who they’ve signed for position players – not to sure about the detail$ of the contract$ tho … however, signing Ted Lilly and Marquis???? Nuts. Glad Marquis won’t be pitching half his home games in the GABP.

  10. Ken

    The Cubs are certainly contributing to the new market for SPs. Lilly is one thing, at least he’s been average or slightly above for his career. But I don’t see the point in paying for Marquis, who isn’t any better than a random AAAA spot-starter.

  11. Sean JP

    It’s Monday night. Wasn’t a roster decision due today to make room for Weathers?

  12. GodlyCynic

    Maybe after spending the money they did on DeRosa and Soriano, they signed Marquis for his high OBP compared to the rest of the team.

  13. al

    i’ve read several places that ensberg might be non-tendered. He devestated lefties last year and if houston’s giving up on him, i’d certainly make him and offer.

    He’d be a great platoon for hatteberg and extra insurance for EdE etc. It doesn’t hurt to have that kind of depth, unlike the Chad kind.

    Also, just thought i’d mention, is everyone aware that Hatteberg used to be the backup catcher in Boston? I didn’t know that, but it gives us (whew!) 4 viable options at catcher. just in case.

  14. Ken

    Hatteberg actually came up with Boston as a catcher and converted; don’t remember exactly why but it was because of his arm, knees or both. It was an interesting side story in Moneyball.