The deadline is midnight for Rich Aurilia to let the Reds know whether he’ll accept their offer of arbitration, and I haven’t heard anything yet. As of earlier this evening, neither had Marc Lancaster.

Here’s hoping that Aurilia declines arbitration. That would mean that the Reds would get a draft pick if and when someone else signs him.

UPDATE: Never mind. Aurilia declined arbitration, as had been widely speculated:

Free agent infielder Rich Aurilia declined the Reds’ offer of arbitration near Monday night’s deadline, but his agent said talks about a new contract would continue with the club.

“The offer and decline of arbitration was pretty much pre-ordained to continue the process,” agent Barry Axelrod said. “We just wanted to give ourselves more time [to negotiate].”

If Cincinnati can’t reach an agreement on a deal before the Jan. 8 deadline, it can’t sign Aurilia again until May 1 — which would effectively end any chance of retaining him.

I hope he goes elsewhere, frankly.

3 Responses

  1. Brian B.

    I just can’t imagine that Aurilia thinks coming back to Cincinnati is a good idea. 2005 was mostly frustrating for him, and 2006 will feature the same cast of characters PLUS Tony Womack. Why even think about it?

  2. Bill

    But I’d rather have him than Womack. But I’d almost rather see Chad out there than Womack, so…

  3. Glenn

    I think the trade for Womack pretty much means that Aurilia will not be back no matter how much or how long negotiations are said to be ongoing. I’m not a big Aurilia fan, but like Bill, I’d rather have him than Womack.
    Womack makes no sense to me.