John Fay has this piece in today’s Enquirer about the lack of action in Reds-land:

Because other than deciding to part ways with Rich Aurilia and hiring Bucky Dent, the Reds haven’t exactly lit up the old Hot Stove League.

My theory, and I’m sticking to it, is that nothing major will happen until the ownership transaction is complete.

But even after another quiet week, Reds general manager Dan O’Brien said the Reds remain active – actively talking, that is.

“In terms of announcements, we don’t have anything,” O’Brien said. “But in terms of working through the holidays and pursuing our goals, we’re pressing on.”

It should be noted that the Reds made all their big moves last offseason – adding six players who were on the Opening Day roster – after Dec. 13.

That could be the case this year as well.

Fay goes on to bemoan the fact that the Reds didn’t acquire Josh Beckett from the Marlins, despite the fact that the Marlins had made it clear that you had to take Mike Lowell and his huge contract if you wanted Beckett. Fay says the Reds should have taken Lowell and shipped Edwin Encarnacion to Florida.

It’s silly even to consider trading Encarnacion; his future is very bright. On the other hand, a pitcher like Josh Beckett is just what the doctor ordered for this organization….

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