To Adam Dunn

7 Responses

  1. Jim

    Will Dunn be traded to Boston? And if so, for who?

  2. Tyler

    If he is it better be for Anibel Sanchez, Jon Lester and Hanley Ramirez

  3. Bill

    I’m hearing more and more talk locally of trading Dunn, using the reasoning he’s their most tradeable commodity. It has me very concerned.

  4. Glenn

    Dunn’s future with the Reds all depends on the new ownership. Do they what to maintain the Reds’ tradition of trying to do it on the cheap or do they want to break out of this ten plus year funk?

  5. Chris

    I’m not sure it’s even that simple. Were I running a team, I’d pay a premium for true superstar players, and fill the rest of my roster with low payroll guys. I think the biggest place you lose out is paying $3-7M for “established veterans” who are probably past their peak, and who are only marginally better than a rookie or AAAA replacement. True superstars are so rare that you have to pay more than they’re “worth.”

    This makes me wonder where Jason LaRue falls. He’s certainly valuable, but is he worth market price? Or are they better off letting him go, and backing Valentin with a minimum-salary scrub? To some degree, this all depends on what else is available (i.e., why save money for pitching if no pitching is available?)

  6. al

    i would hate to trade dunn, but i could see doing it if the right deal was there.

    Say for instance if the sox offered arroyo, papelbon, and h. ramirez. If i think ramirez can play second, that gives us an above average bat there, a potentially solid 3rd starter in arroyo, and a 1 or 2 potential starter in papelbon.

    the reds offense would suffer with the loss of dunn, but if kearns and pena can improve some, we wouldn’t notice that too much.

    will boston ever offer that? No. Never.

    It will probably come down to kearns/pena for a decent prospect or a guy like arroyo, or dunn for a top prospect.

  7. LVW

    Tyler; we can rule out Sanchez and Ramirez if the Peter Gammons report about Beckett is true