Interesting article in this morning’s Enquirer about Hal Morris, one of the members of that magical 1990 team. In retrospect, Morris was one of the more overrated players on that team, but I liked him nonetheless.

5 Responses

  1. EricTW

    He WAS better than Todd Benzinger, at least 🙂

  2. LVW

    Every player that ever played 100 games in a season at 1st was better than Benzinger. How Rose and Helms could ever give this guy 628 ABs in one season is beyond me; and he responded with a .293 OBP(OUCH!); a .381 Slug%(YIKES!) and 31 unintentional walks to go with 120 Ks:eek:

  3. Tyler

    He was my hitting coach when I was like 12. I guess he had just “retired” a couple of years earlier. I didn’t know who he was, he told me Hal Morris replaced him though, and I thought that was cool. I only went to him like 3-4 times, although I hit better after visiting him. I went to his house, he lived in Tampa at the time.

  4. Matt Malott

    even the worst Major League hitter, could teach hitting. Even the best major league hitter could suck at teaching it. Baseball people have this impression that they are all knowing, just because God gave them the talent to perform at an elite level.

  5. Nancy Harris

    Where is Hal Morris now? Would like to reach him for signing of picture. Any ideas?